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Manage the lost identity of parties to work together for the bank staff to carry out witnesses consistency verification is difficult to distinguish whether the identity card is lost or stolen identity cards and the failure to be fraudulent and other issues, the Ministry of public security vice minister and deputy party secretary Huang Ming said on October 6th, the Ministry of public security has been completed and failure of resident identity card information system and recently on-line test operation. Huang Ming said that the failure of the resident identity card information system has the function of maintaining data updated in real time and dynamic, through various social credit departments and units of the network check, all lost or stolen identity card instant failure (October 7th "Beijing News"). Through the establishment of the failure of the resident identity card information system, the realization of all the lost identity of the immediate loss of identity theft, Huang Ming revealed that this information is very exciting. Not only because it means that people have been calling for expected identity loss immediately after the failure was finally realized, and indicates that the long time the general public is very concerned about the ID card is lost or stolen after the fraudulent use of stolen problem and the derivative of the telecommunications network fraud problem can be solved from the source and curb. As everyone knows, for a long time, the telecommunications network fraud crimes can continue to occur, in addition to the disclosure of personal information, another reason is because after the loss of identity cards can not do that the loss of failure, even after reporting the loss, but also can still be used by others, some criminals through fraudulent use of stolen identity cards, bank cards for non real name card, mobile phone, as the implementation of telecommunications fraud network tools, and to evade law enforcement tracking. It had been reported in the media as the "only pay 500 yuan to 1300 yuan, you can easily include other real ID card, bank card, mobile phone card to buy online, and these others true identity, mostly lost identity cards after being collected and sold. In this context, if can realize the identity loss or failure, it is bound to cut off from the source of the breeding of telecommunications network fraud crime chain. However, when people feel excited at this news, I also want to see, in order to truly identity loss is failure, failure of the resident identity card information system of the public security department, which is important basic platform and key step, not the whole thing, in addition, actually also need other further aspects of joint efforts and cooperate fully with the. For example, for a man, when you lost or stolen identity cards, must report the loss to the public security organs in a timely manner, so that the relevant information can be timely input failure of resident identity card information system. More importantly, in addition to individual timely report, all the departments of the use of identity cards in real life, they must also realize the identity card information system failure and real-time networking of public security departments, and ensure that these departments in the network inspection process strictly and conscientiously fulfill its "one card consistency" verification responsibilities. If any one credit department and public security system network, or even network does not fulfill witnesses consistency verification responsibility, or even deliberately neglect verification indulgence, even the failure of the resident identity card information system, fraudulent use of identity cards can not prohibit theft phenomenon. In order to ensure this, in addition to clear the responsibility of the verification department, but also.相关的主题文章: