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The marathon healthy development of thinking positive energy transfer is more useful than PB [Abstract] the current domestic marathon is booming, and for a runner, choose to transfer a social positive energy, perhaps far more than the one-sided pursuit of personal best finish more meaningful. The Nanjing marathon several players ran into the whole wrong half track China marathon in order to highlight the extent of the current domestic blossom everywhere prosperous marathon, has been the single division of social groups: one is running a marathon, a class is not running the marathon. With reference to this classification pattern, it is likely that the classification results of many years ago are those who have seen the marathon and those who have not seen the marathon. People in the past had never seen or heard of the marathon to be able to quickly break into people’s vision, into people’s lives, more and more people around the marathon have played a leading role and communication can not be ignored. Some people will like to run a marathon and running called runner features, such a concise words really can be summed up in this population to extend this population style. In the marathon movement into the fast lane at the beginning, some marathon may still be happy to strengthen the noisy and warm atmosphere, but with the passage of time, creating the stiff and impetuous atmosphere of science has gradually been running, enjoy running and rigorous pleasure instead. The answers to why you run may not be uniform, but running for health and finding a better self is a lot of runners. About running why suddenly fire up the question, may also be difficult to find a standard answer, but the economy needs the corresponding lifestyle, social development to a certain stage, and jointly promote the government, society, and run businesses, should be the main stream of tone of all answers. It is not difficult to see that running seems to be only related to the individual’s hobby, but the organization and promotion of marathon will certainly be closely related to economic development and social management. Maybe a lot of new entrants will participate in the race at the beginning of runners in the many complaints, such as a variety of experience as the best, all requirements are not met, but also ran as an organic part of building a harmonious marathon. Many years ago, occasionally travel abroad, often to see around quietly moving runners are tempted to envy. Now, seeing his side of the friends continue to join the ranks of runners, so a joy is far from being able to cover the envy. The more the more runners are actively changing their state, but also quietly changing the spirit of a city. The evaluation of a city marathon run effect, may not need to see those who ran in the front ranks of the people in the end what ran out of the results, but to look at those ordinary participants in the end shows what kind of mental outlook. Now the marathon is packed into a holiday, a reunion, but catharsis marathon has never been a group of people in order to reach the goal and finish the carnival. A seemingly simple marathon, which has the willpower to whet, inspection, on the social management as well as the cohesion of the city culture. As for a runner, choose to be a social positive energy相关的主题文章: