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Military training: an upgraded version of the platform, let students gain more exciting education this year, Xinjiang Bazhou second innovation training mode, to create a new military training upgrade, put the past into conventional military training "new military training camp", by a single one of the past to training into comprehensive cultural activities and rich experience colorful activities. This reform makes the training more in line with the characteristics of middle school students now lively, love practice activities, students are deeply loved and sought after. "We increased the traditional culture education, Thanksgiving education, love of education, national defense education, patriotism education, safety education content, through the new military training platform, practice through a series of" sharpen, Matilda, practice "as the theme, make the training more wonderful." Bazhou second President Ma Dezhong said. "I was 00," Princess disease ", some self, do not listen to the words of my parents, what to do at home, love to play electronic products. Military training exercise my body, but also let me do the first time to wash their own clothes, the first time to live in the dormitory, the first time away from electronic products. Practice experience activities also met a few good friends." During the interview, the first day (1) class student Zhang Jingyi told reporters, after the end of military training, my ‘Princess disease’ was cured, can leave the electronic products, but also know that they should do what they can do. Back home, I took the initiative to help her mother do housework, she said I like a changed person, I really like this practice of military training." Military training camp, a variety of experiential activities increased, but the military training and did not discount." Bazhou second party secretary Qi Yunchuan said, in the past is a single military training, students will feel boring, and now into the traditional culture and education, Thanksgiving Education and other activities, military training becomes more interesting." Different from the past military training, including 80 teachers for the new teachers, the second in Bazhou this year, and 1800 junior high school freshmen to join the "new military training camp", and students together with the full acceptance of military training, and the new "ate together with military training". This initiative, so that teachers and students have no emotional experience in the past. Class teacher Li Rui told reporters, and students to participate in military training, the biggest harvest is the opportunity to achieve a new and zero distance communication, and they set up deep feelings. More importantly, through the military training practice experience, I found the students a lot of advantages and flash points, which is very helpful for the future and cultivate their abilities. With the practice of cultural experience, the most important change is from the inside out, the effect is far more than a single military training. Through the practice of military training experience activities, so that students know how to love themselves, love family, love the teacher, love home, love the motherland, exercise the physical, but also in the spirit of baptism." Ma Dezhong said, "the military training platform, build a platform, let the moral education, traditional culture education, love of education, physical training habits, etc., have been well implemented on this platform, let the students accept education and exercise, moved the harvest and growth." (Jiang Fuer) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Hong Fangfang Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: