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Millet released 149 yuan sports Bluetooth headset, looks like wearing a bracelet – two Sohu technology may be millet bracelet shape is popular, millet yesterday launched the movement of the Bluetooth headset, wearing it, like the ear plug two bracelet. In appearance, millet sports Bluetooth headset uses a similar design to add ear hanging millet bracelet, and is equipped with a separate wire, adjust the volume of the part in the headset body, and microphone headset line in separate design. This design avoids the integration of the microphone in the headset body, simply can not clear the call. Millet sports Bluetooth headset weight of 17.8g, support Bluetooth 4.1, you can connect the two devices at the same time the effective connection is 10 meters. Millet said the headset standby time of 11 days, battery life of up to 7 hours. Millet only announced in the official website of this Bluetooth headset has a life class waterproof anti sweat but did not publish waterproof level. This headset is priced at 149 yuan, will be in November 11th in the millet mall officially opened for sale. Know the program (micro signal zxcx0101) is the focus of the children’s love of small programs focused on public. We will provide you with the most comprehensive and fresh program information (news, ideas, guidelines, activities) and services that you can learn about small programs here. Attention awareness program (micro signal zxcx0101), back to "dry cargo", to gain experience in the love child norm development of small program. Long? According to the identification, know everything about a small program? A long press to identify, understand all the small program on the Delta相关的主题文章: