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The Ministry of culture of the online games market regulation   26 units were included in the list of –IT– original title: the Ministry of culture – online games market 26 units were included in the list of the Ministry of culture recently deployed to carry out the twenty-sixth batch of illegal Internet cultural activities and work, 26 Internet Culture business units for containing prohibited content online games and other Internet cultural products, not to take technical measures to prevent minors from Internet addiction, does not require online game users with valid ID real name registration, termination of operation of network game without prior notice and other issues were included in the list. It is understood that in 2016 the Ministry of culture has been the direct supervision of the network game case 198, standardize the network game business behavior, purify the network game market environment. The online game market to focus on remediation clean-up work is around the summer online game market irregularities multiple characteristics, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and minors to take special action. The deployment and network culture business units, Hunan Rui travel the world science and technology limited company, Shenzhen city cat Push Technology Co. Ltd. and Xi’an Sina game development Mdt InfoTech Ltd and other 16 units, because of containing obscenity, gambling, and other illegal content violates the social morality of the game were included in the list of products. The Ministry of culture market department of the relevant person in charge, the focus of the investigation activities also reflects the Ministry of culture of the existence of network game operation damage to physical and mental health of minors, violations of consumer rights, not in accordance with the law and attach great importance to compliance management issues. Enterprises to be investigated to learn lessons, the main responsibility for the implementation of the enterprise, to establish and strengthen the network culture self audit mechanism, according to the law to regulate business practices. In the future, the Ministry of culture will further strengthen the illegal network of cultural content of the clean-up, crack down on illegal business practices, and create a good market environment, to provide consumers with a healthy network of cultural products. (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: