Ministry official China’s auto industry into a strong opportunity to change the key period – the new

Ministry officials: Chinese into automobile industry from large to strong critical period of new opportunities in the new network in Hefei Agency – August 25, (Zhao Qiang Hao Jiaqi) "China’s auto industry entered a critical period of opportunity to grow stronger, industry usher in a major historical opportunity, we must adopt new energy vehicles as an important breakthrough to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry." Qu Guochun, deputy director of the Ministry of industry and equipment division of China, 25, said in Anhui, Hefei. In the afternoon, by the Hefei Municipal People’s government China Automotive Industry Import & Export Co. Ltd., CO sponsored by the 2016 (Hefei) international energy saving and new energy vehicle development summit held in Hefei, attracting participants from more than 20 domestic and foreign car companies and more than 200 energy-saving and new energy automotive parts enterprises. Qu Guochun said that with the global automotive industry into the depth of the reform period, will promote China’s auto industry has a good foundation and favorable conditions. At present and in the future for a long time, China’s auto industry from big to strong face a major historical opportunity. "China’s new energy automobile and automobile intelligent network is expected to be a breakthrough in seize the opportunity to catch up with the development of the." Qu Guochun believes that the current Chinese new energy vehicle technology significantly enhance the level of industry, the rapid expansion of the scale, the development of intelligent vehicle, support network of information technology industry has been strengthened, the Internet industry occupies a certain advantage in the world. Qu Guochun said, with the development of the industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization accelerate the car, rigid demand will still continue to promote the steady growth of automobile China, sharing new consumption hot Internet travel service gradually scale, manufacturing strategy and "The Belt and Road construction will provide important support and development opportunities for industrial development and other advantages of the industry layout, the coordinated development of international common global auto industry to speed up the formation mechanism in the. According to the UN released China automotive technology and Research Center, social science literature press and other units of the "new energy automobile blue book: Chinese report on the development of new energy automotive industry (2016)" revealed that as of the end of 2015, Chinese new energy automobile production and sales totaled 497 thousand vehicles, become the world’s largest country ownership. Experts predict that in 2020 China’s new energy vehicle market size will reach 1 million 450 thousand. Qu Guochun admitted that the future development of China’s auto industry will also face many challenges. "The foundation for the development of China’s automobile industry is still strong, the key core technology is also insufficient, the new energy automotive battery core technology breakthrough yet, charging facilities supporting services lag, security risks gradually, performance and the quality of the vehicle can not meet consumer demand." We want to new energy vehicles as a breakthrough to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry." Qu Guochun said that despite the challenges, but the construction of automobile power has been all China "car" dream, to seize the present period of important strategic opportunities to actively respond to, in the process of new energy vehicles is a good breakthrough, in the breakthrough to hard work. (end)相关的主题文章: