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Mom, why can’t I pee? Sohu maternal and child you also give you a baby out of this problem? In fact, this is the performance of gender awareness. As a parent, what should you do? Gender consciousness is a part of self consciousness, and the two or three year old child is an important stage to establish gender consciousness. Let the children aware of their gender differences between men and women, to have a correct understanding is very important. If a child is living in a sexually ambiguous environment, it can cause problems such as mental disorders in adulthood. As parents, we should abandon the idea that "children are still small, do not understand anything". So, hurry to learn it! In Europe, people cultivate children’s awareness of gender: boys in blue and pink is for girls in the UK and Germany, a newborn baby, you can immediately know is male is female – boy with a blue blanket, girl with pink blanket. Babies don’t have gender awareness, they need to learn everything. If they wear a certain color at the beginning of their birth, they can feel "this color belongs to me". Boys wear pants, girls wear skirts skirt is a natural representative of women, and pants are male. The swaying skirt can let girls get gentle water qualities from, and amazing skirt also can cultivate women’s special aesthetic; and stiff trousers, the boy put on more can let them develop a strong and decisive character. Dad took his son to take a bath, her mother took her daughter to take a bath German psychologist Gene pointed out that this is to let the child know from a young age, the boy’s body with his father, like a girl with her mother. This is the first child to understand the human body and gender of enlightenment education. The boy plays the robot, the girl plays the dolly girl to play the baby to be able to fully stimulate its maternal instinct, this kind of girl grows up after is kind and considerate. In contrast, mechanical toys have a greater impact on boys’ gender. Boys and girls hug, girls need to kiss more men, women need care. In Germany, it is common to see that if the boy is busy helping others, the parents will give them a big bear hug and then pat on the back. Because, in the eyes of most people, the hug is for sure, and the kiss is for protection and love. Boys often do challenging sports, girls do gymnastics in the United Kingdom, a small boy is often forced to climb mountains or swim by his father; and girls are often sent to practice gymnastics parents. Challenging sports can cultivate the boy strong and unafraid to challenge the character; and gentle and female gymnastics figure just fit, can cultivate the girl gentle, gentle personality. But need to be reminded that, compared with girls, boys should be more aware of gender awareness earlier. Especially the father, should be more with his son, let the children learn how to be a man. Practice is very simple, the key is the heart. To help young children to set up the correct gender consciousness is not a short duration of time things, need parents with words of wisdom to guide the children slowly. When your baby asks "why can’t I stand pee相关的主题文章: