Mother with Sohu tiger mother’s attitude towards baby calcium problem-solid converter

With the tiger mother’s attitude towards the problem of maternal and infant baby calcium – Sohu "tiger mother cat dad" this drama that most people have seen, some people think that "tiger mother" education close to madness, although not to let the children lose at the starting line, but too harsh, forced the baby will make learning the baby have a tired mood. Although I do not agree with "tiger mother" in the school education and the baby is too strong, but if the parents put this momentum with the children in calcium problem match, small or very identity. Want children to win at the starting line, the most important thing is to let the children have a healthy body. We all know that calcium is very important for the development of the human body. The baby in 0-3 months is the golden period of physical development, bone development is very fast. Therefore, at this stage, you need to add a lot of calcium to promote the development of children’s bones. Many people think that the calcium obtained from the diet can be, but because of China cooking methods, only by obtaining calcium from food is not enough. Here, small for everyone to share a few strokes to baby calcium skills. First strokes: give the baby to choose suitable dose of calcium products is very important for the baby calcium choice has always been difficult to make new mothers choice of things, although we all know that calcium on the child’s body is good, but calcium dose of the new mothers are unable to grasp. Part of the mother in the child to supplement calcium, will use a large cup of water for flushing, they think this way can make calcium more uniform, but also allows the baby to drink a little water. As everyone knows, this approach is not good for your baby’s health. The baby’s gastrointestinal function to pay, a one-time to the child to take a lot of water, will increase the burden on the child’s stomach, will lead to the emergence of the baby does not want to take or even vomiting. Therefore, when buying calcium granules can buy some small dose is more suitable for second strokes: give the baby to choose suitable calcium products taste is very important now, it is not difficult to find that there are many on the market of calcium products, a variety of flavors are. So, how to choose for your baby calcium? Choose what kind of taste? In fact, the baby taste buds and no adults perfect, if it is in order to stimulate the child’s taste buds and the choice of products, but not conducive to the health of the baby. Sweet and sour calcium on the market although can let the baby feel good about this, but the baby’s health is more important than what. Expert advice: parents in the choice of calcium calcium agent do not choose taste for children, will affect children’s normal drinking milk, will affect the baby’s health cause baby taste buds, the habit of picky eaters. When children 0-3 years old, most of the food comes from breast milk and milk, at this stage, it is best for the baby to choose a mild milk flavor of calcium. Read the above content, I believe parents already know Calcium in children’s important and how to choose the calcium. Life for the baby’s health. Suggestions for parents of children tailored calcium calcium supplementation scheme, according to the child’s physical condition and reasonable.   相关的主题文章: