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MSCI: see A strands of " active " progress does not exclude the announced U.S. stock market center in unconventional time: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 30 days Bloomberg, MSCI Inc. said, in its global index for China A shares, it continues to track and observe the Chinese mainland stock market, and has found some positive progress. The index provider in a statement Thursday that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the start will allow overseas investors to wider access to the $6 trillion and 500 billion China mainland stock market, but also will help solve some international investors facing remittance. MSCI said it found that the stock market in Shanghai and the Shenzhen stock exchange in late 5 after the release of the new rules of stock trading, the mainland stock market suspended the number of shares a slight decline. In June this year, MSCI to market access and other issues on the grounds that the decision will not be China’s A shares into its global benchmark index. MSCI’s next index survey results will be released in June 2017. If there is a significant positive progress, does not rule out the possibility of making a decision in unconventional time, MSCI said in the announcement. "It will take more time to make a proper assessment of the effectiveness of the new policy." The index provider said at the same time, it was decided not into A shares, MSCI has three main Chinese worry, the government’s recent open market initiatives to reduce two of them, one is 20% of the monthly remittance of funds, two is the number of the stock suspension. As for the third concerns, which is the problem of pre approval of financial products, the relevant departments of China has not yet resolved. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: