Mu Manchester United will welcome a Wednesday campaign into the hell touchstone (video)

Mu Manchester United will welcome a Wednesday campaign into the hell touchstone Premier League eighth round for the top double red looking gunman Manchester on Tuesday October 14th (the news sports Tencent IAIN MACINTOSH, author of ESPN) in the next 6 days, the first is united in the Premier League away game challenge Derby rivals Liverpool Northwest (data). Then the Reds will be in the Europa League group phase in home court against soil super giants Farenair Pace; next, Mourinho’s team will go to the Standford bridge in West London, where they will challenge Chelsea away (data). To be sure, these 3 games will undoubtedly become the touchstone of Mu manchester. Last month the United in the Premier League 1-3 away defeat to Waterford, after the end of the match, Mourinho quickly realized the point, that is the Red Devils any bad result will lead outside attention. After that, Mourinho once in front of the media who questioned his satire as "Einstein", but it is certain that if the madman cannot in the next week to lead the team to play good results, so the doubts still will come thick and fast. Whether in Milan or in Madrid, Mourinho have experienced such a crucial moment, he knew, after a week, they will either make a fetish of a snow season, was fired by Chelsea before or shame; be denounced as yesterday, no longer "before the top coach". This is the harsh environment of modern football. So what about Mourinho’s fate? Only a short while ago, the Premier League was the most distinct European Football League is weak, but in recent years, the Premier League is always difficult to predict. In any case, one thing is we can be sure that in the future, a week time, the UEFA Cup match against Farenair Pace, Mourinho will never get attention. When Mourinho Chelsea in the second, he famously declared that "the big team to play in the Europa League, even win is not what is worth showing off", "both the player and the team, to get a better workout in the Champions league". To be sure, the reason that Mourinho would make such remarks, largely to belittle the former achievements of Benitez, then led the Spanish coach Chelsea won the UEFA cup. However, even if Mourinho’s remarks with some other purpose, however it can still represent the views for the Europa League. In the home court against Farenair Pace in the Europa League group phase, Mourinho would send more on the edge, the bench and his core team will undoubtedly have to respond to the Liverpool, Chelsea’s challenge. The new season so far, Mourinho’s team has gradually formed. Relatively speaking, the defensive line is currently the most Manchester United a position convincing, Smarin had to get rid of the injuries, he and the vigor of Eric Bailey consisting of road defense trust; and Blinder to play left back, he took the last two rounds of injury time and suffered the fans, the media questioned Luke shaw. Manchester United have never been in the Premier League since September相关的主题文章: