Murray first into the men’s singles final of the net will be with Dimitrov – Title Beijing-ddrtys

Murray first into the men’s singles final of the net will be with Dimitrov – Title Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Liu Xuhui) last night, 2016 China open ended the men’s singles semi-finals, the top seed, Britain’s Murray 2 to 0 win over No. 5 seed Ferrell, played third times the net for the first time into the men’s singles final, he and Dimitrov the title. Before Murray and Ferrell had 19 times against top seed with 13 wins and 6 losses prevail, and has achieved six victories, including 14 Australian Open final this year. Hard ground on the 13 confrontation, Murray 11 wins and 2 losses ahead. The game is not much suspense, the Murray 6 2 wins, second disc he is 3 win 6, 2 more than 0 strong promotion. His opponent is Dimitrov, because the opponent before Rao Niki retire because of injury, Dimitrov wins the finals. The women’s singles semi-finals, former champion A? 2 radwanska 0 Lectra Ukraine teenager J Vito Lina, again after a lapse of five years into the net finals. Hand in the past, the Poland Star 3 to occupy an absolute advantage of more than 0. But the first set she was still a stubborn resistance of Ukraine girls, through the seven difficult to win. But the second disc Bystrica complete control over the game, 6 more than 3 easy win to qualify for the finals. Her opponent is the hole tower, the number one women’s singles player Conta, three hard disk to win Keith, his first crown into the women’s singles final. > > Shanghai masters draw baked JINGWAH Times News (reporter Liu Xuhui) yesterday, the 2016 Shanghai masters race to sign the statement released, the first in the world, the defending champion Djokovic and No. 4 seed Nadal in the upper half, the bottom half is the No. 2 seed Murray and No. 3 seed Wawrinka LED, and a wild card the Del Botero was in the bottom half. This game is a small German open after the first show, and his elbow injury also recovered. In the first round bye after he will be in the second round encounter between Ramos and Fogler Jhnny, the winner of the third, you may encounter some challenges, opponents are likely to be the No. 14 seed Gasquet in the net or just beat Nadal Dimitrov to enter the semi-finals, but it is also possible for the heavy artillery on Karlovic. Nadal is not easy to qualify, he and Djokovic joining forces semi-final, also in the 14 finals over or off this road SIRIC tsonga. China player Zhang Ze, the first round opponent will be a qualifier, if you can beat his opponent, he will be in the second round of the challenge between J Jerzy Goss and Kuilei. The bottom half of the No. 2 seed Murray defeated opponent will be between klizan and Johannsen, and in his 14 final opponents of concern, after a lapse of three years to return to Shanghai and Del Botero No. 6 seed Monfils is impossible. Two the China wildcard contestant Wu Di and Lee? Also was in the second half, Wu Di first encountered the No. 16 seed Cuevas, Lee will serve on South Africa? Anderson cannon.相关的主题文章: