NASA will be invited to the private sector in the international space station built on the commercia ssdao

NASA will be invited to the private station built on the commercial segment of Xinhua news agency in Washington in October 12, in the international space (Reporter Lin Xiaochun) NASA is gradually to the international space station to private enterprises to open the door, and an important step of the plan will be invited to the private enterprises in the construction of commercial space laboratory module. The director of the White House Office of science and technology policy director John · Holdren and NASA Charles · Bolden said in a blog post this week, NASA recently on the space station on a docking port uses consultation with private enterprises, these enterprises have the warm response, "strong will" build commercial cabin for the space station. Holdren and Bolden wrote: "based on these reactions, NASA will launch the program in the fall, provide potential opportunities to build their own cabin and other capabilities in the international space station for private enterprises." The two also stressed that NASA is also supporting the development of relevant scientists and entrepreneurs, because a dynamic user groups to ensure the vital vitality of the future space station. The international space station construction began in 1998, away from the surface of the earth is about 400 km altitude operation, the main function is as a research laboratory in the microgravity environment at present, including a total of 15 by the United States, Russia, Japan and the European Space Agency Construction section. The international space station had a design life of only 15 years before the parties agreed to extend until 2020, and then to 2024, the original plan in 2024 after it plunged into the pacific. But in August this year, NASA officials said that by the time of the year, the agency considered the transfer of the international space station to the private sector will continue to operate by the time of 2024. To maintain the space station operation, NASA paid about $4 billion annually, accounting for about $20% of NASA’s total budget. NASA has now put the space station cargo mission to the two private companies, the next step would be to send manned missions to the space station to the private sector, with the focus of our work to Mars, its goal is to achieve a manned landing on Mars in 30s this century. "Heston" fun earth delicious dining space相关的主题文章: