NBA 123117 Chinese James Harden shine season – Pelican –

NBA 123:117 Chinese James Harden shine season wins Pelican – the news agency of the new network in Shanghai in October 9, (Ma Huayu) NBA Chinese match on the evening of 9 Mercedes Mercedes Benz in Shanghai cultural center started, James led the Rockets Houston harden? 123:117 victory over the New Orleans pelicans team. In this game, harden scored 26 points, 15 assists and 7 rebounds, the performance is brisk, his teammate Anderson, Gordon also had 21 points and 24 points, three people become the largest contributor to the Rockets win. The opening game, the Rockets Haddon as a playmaker, his passing to help the team in the first quarter is thrown into the 7 ball three. Rockets with a burst of "three minutes" sounded the horn of the attack, and in the first section of the 37:30 lead. The pelican, star of "heavy brother" Anthony? Davies as well, he was outside the voting process for the team to get 23 points and 5 rebounds. However, Davies was fouled by the number of fouls in the game, he received fifth fouls early in the third quarter, the coach had to be changed for the rest. Chinese basketball player Yao Ming has played for the Rockets for 9 years, so the Rockets enjoy a high popularity in china. This game, whenever harden off the free throw line, Shanghai Mebon center seems to instantly become the TOYOTA Center (Houston home court), for his fans in the audience shouted MVP (MVP). The fans also show harden returns. Less than a minute left in the game time, harden ball, to attract other players defensive attention, he successfully passed the ball to the position of a better teammate Gordon, who firmly hit three pointers, to help the Rockets 118:117 realized the. The last 20 seconds, harden get two free throws and shots, helped the team to the final 123:117 victory over the pelican. After the end of the game, the two teams will move to Beijing in 12, second games China competition contest. (end)相关的主题文章: