Neonatal amniotic fluid meconium blocking the mouth of the nurse suction foreign body for help (map)-borderland

The newborn was meconium suction mouth throat plugging nurse help foreign body (Figure) original title: Yichang: newborn meconium plug throat foreign body suction nozzle successfully help map midwives as foreign figure Wu Chanjuan was midwife in the mouth with the suction port of fetus as a midwife Wu Chanjuan was in the mouth of the suction port of the fetal foreign midwife Wu Chanjuan (right two) and director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Xu Bo’s narrative situation Chu network news (reporter Zhang Shixin) at the time of the February 20th, reporters from the Gezhouba Dam Central Hospital of Yichang city learned that the evening of 16, the hospital of Obstetrics and gynecology in helping a 38 year old woman in the production process, such as fetal meconium aspiration in the mouth, the midwife under Wu Chanjuan nasty suction mouth, foreign body, successful treatment of infants. Obstetrics and gynecology hospital director Xu Bo introduction, at the age of 38 because of adverse maternal birth, emergency cesarean section, fetus removed, due to fetal meconium inhalation, which could not be crying, and breathing difficulties and other symptoms. Wu Chanjuan said, after the baby was born, she found a baby sucking oropharyngeal secretions, because meconium mixture is very viscous, less appealing simply suck it out, the big attraction is likely to hurt the baby. Children face slightly cyanosis, if not clean the respiratory tract as soon as possible, children will suffocate, serious threat to life, in this critical moment, can only be sucked out of the mouth. With the "wow" sound, the loud, crisp cry brought comfort to the doctors and nurses in the room. Although Wu Chanjuan repeatedly explained from first to last it is just part of the job, and what not, but reporters at the scene saw the treasure mom Po dad was very grateful to the nurse. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

新生儿被羊水胎粪堵喉 护士嘴吸异物救命(图)   原标题:宜昌:新生婴儿羊水胎粪堵喉 助产士嘴吸异物成功救命   图为助产士吴婵娟当时正在用口吸出胎儿口中的异物 图为助产士吴婵娟当时正在用口吸出胎儿口中的异物 助产士吴婵娟(右二)和妇产科主任徐博正在叙述当时的情景   荆楚网消息(记者张世鑫)2月20日,记者从宜昌市葛洲坝中心医院了解到,16日晚,该院妇产科在帮助一位38岁高龄产妇生产过程中,胎儿口中吸入羊水胎粪等异物,助产士吴婵娟情急之下,用嘴吸出异物,成功救治婴儿。   医院妇产科主任徐博介绍,当时38岁的产妇因顺产不利,紧急进行剖宫产手术,胎儿取出后,因胎儿吸入羊水胎粪,导致不能啼哭,且有呼吸困难等症状。   吴婵娟说,宝宝出生后,她在给宝宝抽吸口咽部分泌物时发现,由于羊水胎粪混合物非常粘稠,吸引力小了根本吸不出来,吸引力大了很可能伤及宝宝。孩子面色略显青紫,若不尽快清理呼吸道,患儿将发生窒息,严重威胁生命,在这紧要关头,只能用嘴吸出。伴随着“哇”的一声,响亮、清脆的哭声给了在场的医生和护士带来了安慰。   虽然吴婵娟自始至终反复解释这只是工作的一部分,并没有什么,但记者在现场看到,宝妈宝爸对护士充满了感激之情。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: