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New mother breastfeeding Essentials: Twelve common problems of the Sohu into the maternal lactation, a new mother always wanted to give the baby the best, or even need to rest of children and so on, new mothers breast-feeding, breast-feeding period will have some trouble in the problem is inevitable, everything is hard in the beginning, as long as the mother to correctly grasp some nursing skills will overcome these problems. The following Tina finishing lactation common questions, to dispel all doubts. Q: the baby milk is too long to do? Answer: the baby is always dilatory, probably because most of the time the baby is sleeping, don’t awake time for milk certainly president, may also be because the baby does not want to eat, or not hungry, we don’t get into a bad habit of sucking whileplaying. Question: lactose intolerance can breastfeed? A: the average child does not appear this kind of situation, if there is such a case of birth, the child should be matched with the doctor’s formula, not breast milk is not milk powder Oh, but to the special circumstances of the food. Question: how many times a day? Answer: newborn babies need to feed about 10~12 times a day, about times after 2 months, about 5 times a day after 6 months. But no matter how many times, as long as the baby is hungry, let him eat. Q: is the baby full? Answer: pay attention to listen to the voice of the baby swallow, with an average of times each time you can suck swallow a big mouth, so a row about 15 minutes can be explained that the baby is full. When the little guy should have a sense of satisfaction, such as you laugh or cry, once a quiet sleep, is full. Question: baby do not recognize the nipple how to do? Answer: the little guy is resistant to the nipple, seems to confuse the nipple, the main reason is to give a bottle or a pacifier. My mother must have patience, it is better to sit for the baby to suck the breast feeding, and can squeeze some milk into the baby’s mouth, stimulate his swallowing ability, encourage him to suck. Must adhere to, if necessary, consult an experienced mother. Q: do you want to wake up when you go to bed? Answer: sleeping soundly, if pulled up to feed, the baby will certainly feel uncomfortable, because of lack of sleep and crying, but it will reduce his appetite, let him go, if the baby will naturally wake up hungry. To know that sleep is very important for the growth of your baby. Q: how to breastfeed at night? Answer: night feeding posture is generally slightly sideways sideways to the baby, mother’s arm around the baby, but this arm Suanma can also be easily, just don’t put my arm round arm sideways, infant feeding. It also lets the baby lying on his back, with one arm support bent over the baby upper feeding mother, but not very clear when you do not, in order to avoid the Sishuifeishui pressure between the baby, and even lead to suffocation. Don’t let the baby to sleep but also pay attention to the nipple, not only health, and easy to hold the baby breast nose suffocation, but also easy to make the baby develop over the mother’s nipple spoiled psychological attachment. Q: how often do you miss milk? A: the usual advice is to use a finger a相关的主题文章: