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Language Revolution August 1945 brilliantly successful as a class for young students and ask the children, to the revolutionary racy. Nguyen Van Tu also in the youth classes. First revolution, as Nguyen Van Tu at the Department of Education and Indochina, have active participation in revolutionary movement. When the revolution succeeded, he was transferred to jobs in the Office of National Education. End of 1946 he was a number you sent to serve in the National Assembly are to help the message k now meeting at the time. After 19/12/1946 because there are no conditions to the Ministry of Education, Nguyen Van Tu of his participation in the propaganda of resistance in an area of many .munes in Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province for which the propaganda in the district Mr. Dao Van Tap which is trying Library Academy of Social Sciences of Vietnam. In 1948, he was elected as Chairman of resistance Lam Kieu .mune, Thuong Hi, Duy Tien, Ha Nam province. May 1950, he was appointed to the education sector and the destination occupation Duy Tien then he was sent to the Thanh Hoa, teaching in schools PTTH Nguyen The social science. By the end of 1951, Nguyen Van Tu was appointed lead some students to your school centers Nam Ninh, then taught school Pedagogy Elementary there. It can be said that the language of Nguyen Van Tu began when he was appointed to the University of Beijing teaching English to students in 1953 China. Working at the Faculty of Eastern University in Beijing, Nguyen Van Tu gradually recognized they have go to a science in English. To teach English as a foreign language, must have knowledge of English: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, etc. .. Also, select the items to read (text) to be eligible for student learning is also not easy. He was teaching English to foreigners or who is a professional science should be learning l lu?n language and study English under the light of language in connection with the practice of language. The process is a self-study full time was difficult to open. Besides teaching hours, Nguyen Van Tu has heard of the .munity .ment language of GS. Cao Khai Contacts classes in Arts and Journalism from the University of Beijing. Other default, for lack of the language of France, England, United States, etc. .. Nguyen Van Tu attempted learn Russian to read all of the language of Russia. Study results show that in the teaching and research of him. Teaching English to students from China, he applied the experiences learned from the textbooks teach Russian to foreigners. He has written the article itself to read the words, the problems in France, the sound needed for teaching and learning in the order of a program is outlined. We want to read books in Russian, he selected an article on "Problems in English" by Smirniski written in Russian with a translation of that article into Korean. Nguyen Van Tu has just started school just a while and must now apply the knowledge from that writing an article on the issue of Vietnamese. This brought the two results at once. 1. Learn Russian to gradually reading professional linguists. 2. .pletion of an article from the English can be reported. Article "Problems and night" by Nguyen Van Tu the GS. Tran Huy Lieu and the magazines are in Research History Location Van, 30 1957 it is the first of Nguyen Van Tu, and it has helped him excited, confident to step into language learning. Month 6 / 1957 Nguyen Van Tu of the country, work in the Language Education, Science Van, University of Hanoi. The linguists at the time include Mr. Phan Ngoc, Luu Van Lang, Cao Xuan Hao, Nguyen Phan Canh Nguyen Kim Than and Nguyen Van Tu, Nguyen Kim by making the body grow. This is the first build industry language study in universities in Vietnam. Nguyen Van Tu was assigned to research and teaching vocabulary in basic, just fits well researched words in English. Said he may be.e the first professional building vocabulary in English. Week is a lecture, just finished studying the material just wrote lectures, in roneo students. It is a job my m requires the work hard. Both must read l lu?n, learning experience of the words in Russian, Chinese, just apply to English. After this, the thought of your work, he must be chilly and asked the self-study, self-study can do so? Years lapse, and the students never forget rolling textbooks first university in Vietnam language learning book is a "treatise language learning" by Nguyen Van Tu, Luu Van Lang and Nguyen Kim Than Editor, Nxb Education published in 1961. In this book, the chapters 1, 2, 3, talk about issues of language study (the nature, origin and development of language) by Save Van Lang wrote. Cc chuong 4, 5, 6 do Nguy?n Kim The chapters 4, 5, 6 by Nguyen Kim Thn about phonetics, language classification, culture, self. Nguyen Van Tu was assigned to write three chapters 9, 10, 11 from the school, grammar and rhetoric. Book "Words in Modern Chinese" by Nguyen Van Tu .piled and Nxb & TCHCN University published in 1968 is also a book of scientific vocabulary about learning English in the first University of Hanoi. By the year 1976, book "From and capital from the Vietnamese" re-birth and the year 1978, marked a new step in his science. In two of this, Nguyen Van Tu has mentioned the problem is the time in learning words such as: the nature of the word of the structure and meaning, the system of capital from … When reviewing and capital from the Vietnamese, he not only stop at describing the state’s contract but also pay attention to the history, not only focused "aspects of language", but also interested the "social factors", not only attention to the problems that the general nature l lu?n "but close tasks practices are in place for the Vietnamese. The Le Courrier du Vietnam has Introduction and .ments on the book and from the Chinese capital of Nguyen Van Tu as follows: "sous directeur de la section des langues de l’Universit de Hanoi, l’Auteur a fait une analyze approfondie de la langue Vietnamienne quant la structure des mots et affinite leur structure et le contenu de son au vocabulaire de base "(The vice of the Faculty of Language University of Hanoi, the author has analyzed the depth of English structure and vocabulary between us and the words, about the structure and content vocabulary basic). Nguyen Dinh Hoa taught at the University of Illinoi (MI) has points in this book, Language Magazine (vol.55, No.4, 1979) Language of the United States study. In conclusion, he had a general .ment: "This booklet is useful for Vietnamese students, hope that with the richness of material that are books and creativity of the author, a the vocabulary learning experience will be a book organized, has selected and edited version in better reproduced in a later ". Once teaching English at Beijing University, Nguyen Van Tu was interested in teaching groups synonyms for students China. He would like to see good teaching in the shade of synonyms English, need to group a set of synonyms and of them clearly, to write a book dictionary means.Throughout the years 1955-1956, Nguyen Van Tu has designed many groups synonyms English, this is his patience when pursuing the water. Beginning in 1982, he .pleted the "The team from Chinese means" on page 500. Works was Nxb University and Secondary Education Professionals published in 1982 in Hanoi. Immediately, the book is wel.e to fame in 1985 and the authors have more amendments and reproduced with the "Dictionary of Vietnamese dong." Cry the newspapers that evaluation "is a book not in the family book first because I have a book dictionary means" (United Press, 4 months total in 1987). President Ho Chi Minh City is not the great leader of the Vietnamese people but also a grand cultural world. Since people are living to the death, had known how the study of writers, poets, the teacher, the activities of political and cultural prestige and abroad about the value thoughts, values education, the value of art in the files of. Settle in the choir is diverse, even in 1981, Nguyen Van Tu has an expert’s opinion about the President. It is the book "Some problems of the language of President Ho Chi Minh" by the University of Hanoi published. Scientific thought of his .ment in this post, also quoted in the works is the recruitment of President Ho Chi Minh City such as: "Learning style language President Ho Chi Minh" (Nxb Social Science , Hanoi, 1980), "Ho Chi Minh: authors, works, art in words" (Nxb Education, Hanoi, 2003). Notably, Nguyen Van Tu has studied how ki President Ho Chi Minh used to have vocabulary size enemy as thoroughly exploited to the capital since only in Vietnamese; hours playing music in the text; how to withdraw neat work from our facilities bi?m; using the word as opposed to that, since the use of bad to have a direct enemy offensive, using French, English alternating with English, how to mold has size enemy; using only from animals to people only, causing the Thai size etc. .. In addition to the individual books, Nguyen Van Tu also cooperate with colleagues to .pile the project teams. Book "on the Vietnamese development" (Nxb Social Science, Hanoi, 1982) he wrote with Kim Nguyen Than and Nguyen Trong Bau; book "Dictionary French – Vietnamese – English by topics (Nxb Education , Hanoi, 1997), written with Mr. Nguyen Kim Than. A topic as Van Nguyen was much interest from the blood, which is teaching English to school students. He has written directly textbooks Vietnamese, grade 6, the 1 and 2 (Nxb Education, Hanoi, 1986) and many items to exchange, discuss this issue, for example, items "of teaching English for the Vietnamese people "(reported in international conferences on Vietnam in, month 7, 1997)," Should the concept of language subjects in 2 schools like? " (Language and Life, 4, 1996), would provide primary school students knowledge of basic real professional English "(Education Research, 4, 1997), etc. ..The last year of life, he went into the issue very practical as: "He included them in the school (grades 1 and 2) (Language and Life, No. 2 / 1997;" He ac.panied them home "(class 3) (Language and Life, 3 / 1997). The journal Science’s Nguyen Van Tu are around themes keeping in light of the Vietnamese. Nguyen Van Tu was born in 1919 in Tan Tien .mune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province. Since 1945 to the retired in 1988, he participated in the 43 years, mainly in the education sector, including 35 years in the industry’s 4-year University in Beijing, 31 years in school University of Hanoi, including two years (1984-1986) th?nh teachers teaching in the University of Paris VII, the Republic of France. In the process of working in university departments, Nguyen Van Tu effort was self-study, self-study and has achieved success deserves. He has left mark on a deep dark to see because all the students, because all the work, russet, the legs of people. He was Associate Professor room since 1980, in 1994 in the room is excellent. The State of China has donated his medals friendship; State Vietnam he was awarded France Huan against the veranda, Huan against the United States and first class medal for the education. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: