Ningbo hospital pediatrician loss is the main cause of the tension between doctors and patients-dataload

Ningbo hospital pediatrician loss of tension between doctors and patients is the main cause of China according to the sound "center wide news" report, per thousand children have 0.87 pediatricians, Zhejiang Ningbo is facing a pediatrician loss, difficult to recruit talent situation. Find ways to reserve talent, retain talent, imminent. More than 9 o’clock in the morning, Ningbo City, director of pediatric hospital physician Yu Yubo is the pediatric ward. A few years ago, Yu Yubo has been working in the intensive care unit, as a result of more severe patients, the intensity of work, she was seriously overdrawn, had to change to the general ward. Now every week she also insisted on a two day clinic. Yu Yubo said that many patients when she did not even drink water. "The water to the toilet, when the patient a morning seventy or eighty, sometimes can’t finish, can not drink or less." Ningbo women and children medical has 254 pediatricians, almost everyone like Yu Yubo, or even a day to receive more than and 200 patients. Behind the work overload is a pediatrician shortage. According to the Ningbo Municipal Health Planning Commission statistics, as of the end of last year, Ningbo 39 children in the hospital has opened pediatric practitioners 1007, accounting for only the total number of practicing doctors in the city of 0.05%. Is one disaster after another, many hospital pediatrician also loss. Ningbo city hospital vice president Xia Jiafen said, almost every quarter of a pediatrician to resign, and some people even switch. "It’s really painful. Some people are completely out of the medical profession. The most painful is this, do not do." The reason is because Xia Jiafen heartache, cultivate a pediatrician at least 10 years. She believes that the real reason that pediatricians choose to leave in addition to high load, low treatment, the most important is the tension between doctors and patients. A doctor who does not want to be named, said, noisy, scolding is often some, with a stick to catch some. Sometimes, the doctor’s enthusiasm will be suppressed." Many industry experts put forward to improve the treatment, accelerate the pediatrician in medical colleges of pediatric clinical training, but the short term is difficult to see the effect. Currently, many hospitals in Ningbo are trying to open the relevant departments of the hospital to the public on a regular basis, to close the distance between the hospital and the public, to create a good doctor and patient work and medical environment, the public responded well. Ningbo public Miss Chen believes that more is a mutual understanding. Sometimes speak the same words, attitudes are not the same, the patient’s feelings are not the same, the quality of the doctor needs to be improved; patients to increase understanding of the doctor." (reporter Du Jinming Cao Meili)相关的主题文章: