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Obama on the domestic continuous attack position: continue to fight IS local time on September 17th, New York, Chelsea street, 23 street and Fifth Avenue intersection, police maintain vigilance. That night, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York explosion has caused 29 people were injured, one seriously injured, but no life-threatening. Preliminary investigation shows that this is a deliberate act, but there is no evidence that the explosion related to terrorist attacks. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo China News Agency, New York in September 19, U.S. President Barack Obama 19 local time on the New York and New Jersey bombings, Minnesota knife attack speech, stressed that the United States will not succumb to fear, will continue to lead the fight against Islamic state (ISIS) global alliance, to carry out counter-terrorism operations. Local 17, New Jersey, a Marine Corps launched a charity run along the explosion occurred, causing no casualties. That night, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York neighborhood explosion, causing 29 people were injured. Since then, the city of New Jersey, Elizabeth, the evening of 18 police found in the vicinity of the train station containing a number of suspected explosive device package, the demolition process triggered an explosive device, causing no casualties. Is to attend the General Assembly meeting of the Obama series of speech that day in New York, said it is pay close attention to the latest progress of the New York and New Jersey bombings, the federal government will be in New York and New Jersey, to provide all necessary assistance. He said that the annual meeting of the general assembly of the United Nations to bring tremendous pressure on security in New York, the federal government will provide assistance as much as possible, the United States will find the perpetrators and bring them to justice as soon as possible. He also hoped that the media in the report on the incident to maintain restraint, do not make the advance in the investigation of the authorities false or one-sided reports. In the New York and New Jersey bombings at a Minnesota shopping center on the evening of 17 stabbing incident occurred, 9 people were injured, the suspect was killed, according to the law enforcement departments are "terrorist acts" investigating the incident. Extremist organization Islamic state to the perpetrators of the incident known as the Islamic state fighters". Obama on the day of the incident, said that at present, there is no relationship between the Minnesota knife wounding incident with the explosion in New York, New Jersey. He reiterated that law enforcement agencies are working 24 hours to protect community safety, every American should promptly report to the authorities suspicious circumstances. Obama stressed that the United States will continue to lead the fight against the Islamic state, the global alliance to carry out counter-terrorism operations, will not succumb to fear. Later that day, he will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi, communication with the progress of the war, the Islamic state lost more land, the organization ability to spread hatred ideology, the recruitment of terrorists in foreign countries will also be weakened. During the speech in Obama, the U.S. news media exposed, Elizabeth of New Jersey city mayor Bovich announced that the explosion with New York and New Jersey incident suspects Ahmad · Khan; · lahmi was arrested in the state. (end)相关的主题文章: