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Old youth memories: the lift heavy wooden plank walking is the most dangerous time the most dangerous time, is walking the plank. Because you want to climb, many feet suddenly felt sweaty. At this point, if a person shaking, eight people will shake. If a person can not withstand the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Data figure: lift the wood Maple network, this paper from the author: anonymous, the original title: the Great Northern Wilderness youth story: carry thousands of kilograms of wood the Great Northern Wilderness labor the most unforgettable is to lift the wood. Not to go to the Great Northern Wilderness, see, think of the biggest wood pole is. But that we carry the wood compared to only is worthy of the name "". We carried the wood, the original Xingan mountain towering trees. After being cut down, cut to 8 meters more than three sub kin. Each piece of wood in head foot, the minimum volume is 1 cubic meters, the weight of at least 800 kg, the needless to say. Such a large piece of wood, owned by Lenz (ie the scattered wood neatly in a heap), loading and unloading vehicles and vessels, to be used for people to carry. The difficulty and intensity and the degree of risk, not personally on the scene is hard to imagine. As such, it is also called "people don’t have a taste in the heart". The power of man comes from wisdom and cooperation. Said the first tool, a total of 8 pieces: two cars made of spring steel pinch hit hook; two is about 1.2 meters long, small arm thick hardwood poles, jargon called "the door"; the four is about 1.5 meters long, both ends of basswood do fine as thick as the middle finger, arm, spindle the bickering, commonly known as the "mushroom head". A group of eight people, one by one. Each tool to take, there are clear provisions. Lift the wood, the two pinch hooks were pinched in front and back of wood. When the wood is lifted up, its great gravity makes the hook hook deep into the wood. Unless the hook hook overwhelmed himself, the wood will not fall. There is a strong steel ring above the pinch hook, two "door" along the direction of the wood wear into the steel ring, "door" ends with a groove, a rope, four mushroom head sideways wear into the rope, all the hardware system is installed. The "mushroom head" so choose basswood, because of its direct pressure on the shoulder, to be flexible. The middle thick, in order to bear the gravity. As for the fine if the finger ends, and the. Software system". When lifting the wood, the eight separated the sides of the wood. Two people a bar, from the front back, followed by the order of one or two, three or four. One or two bars and three or four bars were lifted before and after the pinch hook. The person is lifted right shoulder shoulder, left shoulder is called small shoulder. Whether large or small, close to the side of each person on the side of the wood, the other side is the outside. When walking, eight people at the same time in the side or lateral leg, can not be confused. When people walk normally, the center of gravity is high and low. When walking, the foot from the ground is very low, flat forward out of foot landing. Similar to the "Bagua palm" in the line step, very beautiful. One of the eight men is called the "leader"". "Bar" is generally carried two bar, responsible for shouting chant. Chant of the content has a variety of commands, quotations from Chairman and encouraged by the slogan; easy, sometimes make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks ridicule…相关的主题文章: