On the 6 age recipe, you can also like her at the age of 40 to 18! (video) winavi video converter

On the 6 age recipe, you can also like her at the age of 40 to 18! Diane was born in July 15, 1976, (Diane Kruger), count up to this year is just 40 years old. At the same time, she has the most American face, said the fine face and high clothing Q taste. The birth of a ballet dancer has also created her good qualities. Look at her street, 40 year old Diane Kruger had his own in less than 20 years of age appearance, these elements can be a big help. Clothing collocation bring "Youth" secret seal Jun this is for you to find out. 1, leisure sport coat fall naturally less frequent not all kinds of coat infested, relative to the tough leather and mature Diane Kruger windbreaker, candids PW tend to choose leisure sports wind coat, no jeans or lace dress, can do the same with the frame and harmony by age. In winter, there is a Parker coat PA screen, in the fall may wish to retain the most popular and do not pick the army green, choose such a frock coat, with lace perspective shirt and jeans, small sexy & leisure two. Embroidered jacket with long striped shirt and perspective lace skirt, Diane mix with their own small personality. 2017 spring and summer New York Fashion Week: Rag although it can not be said that Bomber Jacket is a symbol of youth, but it can really be injected into the sense of age to help a lot of this thing. Not to mention baseball caps. Amway has been a lot of cowboy + cowboy overlay wear look, because everyone is an integral part of the cowboy single product. Small boots suction eye minute increase in western style values. Sweet girl can also take the pure denim jacket dress, white shoes Street overlord let you on the road Everything is going smoothly. by age. 2, you call it a Newsboy Cap OR Hat, or in love this kind of peaked cap, cap type star, Diane Kruger is definitely on the list. Cowboy suspenders in vacuum battle shot in the street is not uncommon, in which the "Youth" appearance revealed a little sexy. The Newsboy Cap appears, add a touch of playful. T+ white jeans is a lot of lazy cancer patients love is not easy to make a mistake outfit, wearing a Newsboy Cap is not a trivial punchline. Print dress elegant and sophisticated, collocation Newsboy Cap with Mix & Match visual effects. At the foot of a pair of ginger boots to brighten the whole body shape. High clothing Diane choose bold stripes and printing of the collision, and the dark Newsboy Cap with a low-key label, will not let the body too dazzling bright spot. 3, a lot of Diane hat shot in the street were filled with the hat elements. Both wide brimmed hats or small straw hat can easily become a fashion fine mind, this "pose weapon can be ordinary and boring look suddenly seemed to care too, by age effect also be nothing difficult. Big red suit is a great test of clothing products, will not wear a combination of urban and rural areas, both the sense of. A wide brimmed hat and grey not overwhelming, but your temperament and aura double points, also wearing a to.相关的主题文章: