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"One top ten thousand" campus roadshow maohai CP sense – Sohu Li Qian entertainment lad Li Qian interview   Sohu; entertainment news "day is over, not before." This is the movie "a top ten thousand words of" cattle patriotic life, cattle patriotic is a veteran, a cobbler in Henan Yanjin, a beautiful young wife called Pang Lina, raising a daughter Niu Bai Hui sensible lovable, the film tells the story of Lina after marriage and patriotic cattle Pang say "no", lead to marital infidelity, psychological changes and cattle produced in the face of his wife’s patriotic behavior, the war is a torrent of heart. The actor who plays Niu Aiguo Ashler and director Liu Yulin, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun and Yan Yuanliqian went to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, together with the exchange students, tells the story behind the film. The studio is home and I was Niu Aiguo Ashler said: "thank you very much to have the opportunity to participate in the creation of this works, because in the shooting scene, and cast in the together day is not cast, but warm home. We live together every day, morning to send the daughter of Bai Hui school, and then go to the shoe. Pick up her daughter in the evening after school, home cooking, a family of three to eat together, this is the real life." Three months of shooting time, have become a Niu Aiguo man, one family with Pang Lina. The best CP party warm people around the campus activity site, why, Li Qian a white dress debut. In an interview, why for the entire Li Qian holding a microphone, Li Qian looked intently at the child, two people laugh like fans were shouting "together".相关的主题文章: