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"Our soccer" exposure theme song MV "Treble letter" and then a "Sohu" entertainment jokes football national film is Sohu entertainment news "soccer" jokes are nationwide, by singing the theme song "red letter" MV officially released. High Lengnan God turned cold smile with light "MV" through brave film humorous Wulitou sui generis, actor and figure Goods are available in all varieties. huge contrast serious, narration and funny pictures style formation is often hilarious endless. The letter carries the dream of football pitch to battle again, the big screen. In addition, the letter also DEDECATES perform the theme song "rush", MV and CITIC Biao treble straight people full of excitement., the picture is a grand and magnificent style. The lyrics wrote "brave life lit light, sonorous and resonant voice not only convey the profound brotherhood between the players, leaving many football fans to listen and resonate, it is hopeful to become KTV will be golden. MV letter to Lu Lin, and professional player Cheng Yuelei on the same stage, continue to learn and practice, has made great efforts, "professional football" jokes play a trick a CITIC is the best witness. Wonderful victory funny "anti football routine" Wulitou crazy of advertisement has friends in this evaluation: as a Hong Kong Style Wulitou Comedy, it is a classic "routine", but also has a "routine" by surprise. "Yes, there are many classic plot lines and people talked about our football", is called the classical but often by surprise. The plot is not only the giant Sun Mingming overcome the huge contrast of acrophobia "make people laugh, Jiepi handsome Hou Minghao stadium is also one of the hair flower blooming on the stadium’s wonderful team manager Zhou Qiqi play ghost sit up and take notice, untraceable scared players hold the head in channeling, the spirit of letter and the player side side security monkey, various nonsensical funny scenes dizzying. Directed by Chi Chung Lam, Christopher Doyle, Benny Chan, Hao Shaowen, photography, letter, Zhou Qiqi, Zhang Jicong, Hou Minghao, Sun Mingming, Law Ka Ying, Fan Wei starring Hong Kong Style comedy film "soccer" nonsensical jokes being aggressively.相关的主题文章: