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Over the whole baby food supplement knowledge: 90% of the parents actually do not know! You should add complementary Sohu maternal baby to drink milk for 6 months, exclusive breastfeeding also can not meet the needs of the infants in the baby six months, you need to add a food supplement, common baby food supplement are egg yolks, porridge, Rice noodles, dried meat floss, fruit juice, puree, noodles, etc., should be how to eat these foods and do you know? The baby food supplement type Rice noodles: This is the first baby solid foods, is not easy to cause the baby food allergies. Baby cereal spoon to feed, do not put grain into the bottle. At the beginning of the baby to eat only 1 tablespoons, transferred to dilute some, easy to accept the baby, can be mixed with breast milk or formula milk. Mothers mouth good brands are the best in the world Rice noodles (also called the world’s best), Jia Bao, Tony, Jubilee, Hei Bao Heinz. Instant pure egg yolk powder: whole egg boiled, boil and cook for 10 minutes, the hard boiled egg, egg yolk and protein separation as soon as possible. From 14 begin to add, put a little bit of water, water, milk or juice, stirring into paste, feed the baby with a spoon. The baby can be successfully finished, and then gradually increased to 12, 1 days and 1 times; also can give the baby directly brewed commercially pure instant egg yolk powder. Semi liquid food such as rice starch paste or egg custard, can promote the secretion of digestive enzymes of the baby, exercise your baby’s chewing and swallowing ability of fruits can be: apple, peach, strawberries or bananas and other fruits, with a spoon scraped into the mud (sell designed for infants to eat fruits on the market) to feed the baby first, a small spoon, gradually increased to a large spoon. Vegetables: can be potatoes, pumpkin or carrots and other vegetables, boiled cooked after scraping to feed the baby clothes, gradually from a small spoon, a spoon to. Egg yolk: high iron content, iron supplementation can prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia, baby. The baby food supplement, many mothers will choose the egg yolk as the baby food supplement, not recommended in the early to add baby, because certain nutrients in egg yolk, not easy to be digested and absorbed, the baby in addition, add egg yolk can cause allergic reactions in premature infants. For the first time in the principle of complementary feeding add baby food supplement, must give the baby’s health and digestive function to do a simple evaluation, in determining the baby in good condition (appetite good) case, can be added to the food supplement. First add infant food supplement, we should first consider the baby food supplement safety and nutrition standards, then consider its easy absorption and convenience. Less than one year old baby is still to milk, to ensure that 700~800 ml of milk solids based on every day. First add food is egg yolk. The iron stored in the newborn is mainly from the mother. Full-term newborns can be added to the staple food in 6~7 months after the birth of the egg yolk, premature infants and more than the fetus can be started from the full moon. Egg yolk is the most abundant source of protein and iron, zinc, can fully enrich the baby’s nutrition, but also easy to digest. Eggs should not be added directly to the feeding bottle to the baby, which is likely to cause a loss of appetite in children. Allergic to egg yolk baby, should wait for the further development of intestinal development相关的主题文章: