The suspension nail St Hongsheng two years trading restructuring 25

"The suspension nail" *ST Hongsheng two years trading recombinant for 25 days *ST Hongsheng type "suspension nails" label, not too much. So far in 2015 and 2016, *ST Hongsheng traded only 25 days. However, during the suspension period is not idle; to promote a number of restructuring, four times more frequent replacement of the subject, has set foot in the communication, education consulting, tourism equipment manufacturing and real estate etc.. In 398 days after the suspension, *ST Hongsheng finally in September 6th this year, the resumption of the reorganization of the draft articles. After several changes in the reorganization of the target lock for Xu Heng home. This is a home to an investment real estate as the main asset of the company, the main revenue is the rental of the property. The restructuring has raised concerns about the exchange. *ST Hongsheng and financial advisers insisted that the inquiry letter in reply to open securities, rental income is stable and sustainable, the continued viability of the listed company will be promoted. Two years of trading 25 days *ST Hongsheng limit regulatory challenges since the beginning of 2015, "the suspension nail" *ST Hongsheng had been suspended for 197 days, in the final for the fifth time when the delayed resumption was rejected shareholders’ meeting and forced to resume trading. But only 11 trading days after the transaction, the company once again suspended. A year later in September 6, 2016, *ST Hongsheng resume trading at a word limit. Just the day before, *ST Hongsheng also suspended for 378 days in continuous record, in Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock suspension of the index second. In the first row is suspended for 398 days and has yet to resume trading Shallum A (000553.SZ). Another label is *ST Hongsheng restructuring specialist". Over the past two years, *ST Hongsheng four changes the restructuring plan and standard; but no final landing, several restructuring program announced the resumption of rose. In the long-term suspension and frequent changes in the process of reorganization, *ST Hongsheng constantly challenge the regulatory bottom line. Due to planning major events, *ST Hongsheng for suspension in January 2015. Next month, the company announced a major issue of non-public offering of shares, intends to raise funds to invest in Nigeria telecom market and related 4G projects. Then, *ST Hongsheng into a long suspension period. In May of that year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a regulatory letter, requiring the company to explain the suspension of the main work so far and the main obstacles. In this reply, the company said the work carried out mainly due diligence, business communication, and stressed that has carried out a number of substantive negotiations. For the reorganization of the obstacles, the company said it was due to the return of the Nigeria presidential election time delay negotiations, the distance is far, visas, etc. also spend a lot of time". However, in the year of the extraordinary general meeting on August, *ST Hongsheng for the fifth time delay resumption of the bill is not passed, the company immediately announced the termination of the scheduled increase. The company said in a subsequent investor briefing, Nigeria 4G, project approval and construction cycle is long, suddenly raise prices led to the project partners need to adjust, can not be completed in the announcement of the suspension time. In August 7, 2015, *ST Hongsheng resume trading; without the slightest impact crash, continuous harvest 7 trading board. But the end of the transaction in August 21st;相关的主题文章:

Beijing 6 years of information disclosure is the first to bear the brunt of public information, such-spyair

Beijing 6 years of information disclosure of public information is the first to bear the brunt of the Internet for the past 6 years, Beijing has a personal information of the citizens of the 160 million were leaked personal information of citizens who leaked? From the Shandong prospective college students cheated death, Professor of the Tsinghua University cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan of money, leakage of personal information of citizens once again become the focus of public opinion. How is the citizen’s personal information leaked? This article analyzes the relevant cases of the court of Beijing 67, the data show that nearly 6 years in Beijing, more than 100 million citizens of personal information was leaked. Master these information resources, online shopping, courier property, education institutions and the public security organs of others is a source of information leakage, and health care products, insurance, finance, real estate intermediary industry and occupation personnel is a major buyer of reselling the information. Lawyers believe that the current criminal law on the crime of infringement of personal information of citizens, the provisions are not perfect, the lack of judicial interpretation, the starting point is too vague conviction, sentencing is relatively light. Data 6 years of personal information was leaked 162513874, this string of numbers, from 2010 to 2016, the Beijing area was identified by the court to disclose the number of citizens personal information. Do not consider repeated factors, the average annual, there are about 26000000 information was leaked, trading, this figure is more than the resident population in Beijing. 2013 to 2016, the courts of Beijing, a total of 67 cases involving violations of personal information of citizens (the time of the incident is from 2010 to 2016). It mainly involves two charges, one is illegal sale, the crime of providing personal information of citizens; the two is the crime of illegal access to personal information of citizens. 67 cases, the average cheapest price of less than half a piece of information, the most expensive piece of information sold to 5.7 yuan. 67 cases, involving the disclosure of the least amount of information for the case of the 500, up to the case reached a staggering of more than 200 million, which is the most common case in Beijing court open together. Between March 2013 and August, the defendant Lee not only through the network illegally obtained from a large number of personal information of citizens, and sold to others for profit. In the seized its mobile hard disk, there are 133268735 personal information of citizens. From whom to disclose the personal information of citizens? In life, personal information collected by various institutions through various channels, such as public security organs, courier companies, such as shopping sites, people are more willing to believe that they have a more reliable anti leakage measures. However, once the system is not strict, "ghost", these institutions will bear the brunt of information leaks. Of course, there is a mechanism, although do not grasp the information resources, but the use of rogue software, you can also get a lot of information and leakage. Case 1: captain of the police station security team selling information 4000 December 2015, Chaoyang Court together with the police station "ghost" to steal information and sell others cases. It is understood that the defendant a high use of its Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police station as a security theory相关的主题文章:

[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 16325th recommended

[report] China lottery arrangement three phase 16325th recommended summary [report] Chinese lottery arrangement 0 – 9 distribution of three comprehensive analysis: comment group choose view, focus of the distribution of large area in small numbers, including 1, 3, 7 and three yards out adjacent code. The form is three o, then the next value of small medium size area has become a hot area, waiting for the key adjacent code out of 5, out of 0 anti codes, solitary code out of 8. From the date the trend on the adjacent solitary pass, the more consideration a neighbor combination of a solitary, five code combination recommendation 34579. A chart analysis: 100 recent fall in the small area, the next value of large amplitude movements, optimistic about the 1 Road area opened, ten 7** Danma recommended location; the fall in large area, the next trend of small amplitude, optimistic about the 2 Road opened, recommended a *5* Danma location; the main falls in the medium area, the focus of small amplitude trend. About 1 road number out, next to recommend positioning Danma **4. Analysis of heat and cold, due to the recent even number to open more, so optimistic about the two period odd even out, small double recommended "odd odd + I + 012"; the road number 1 road, 7 Road, 2 out of 1, out of 0, out of 3 road. The next cycle of open a 2 more likely to consider a proposal form 2 Road, two road 1; the recent election opened more decimal, large fear will be under periodic point, recommended "small duplex + + small"; 45, 47, 57 and two yards respectively combined 47, 9 missing period 21. If the recent thaw, the probability of the first two to open a high rate of 45, considering the 45 yards with 3, 7, 9 out of a selection of the number of the 3 injection group. Due to the recent opening of group three out of 110, 141, 221, 232, 828, 004, 733, 225, 664, 886, 606, the latter still beware of group out. And the value and the value analysis: the span and in the small value area of 11 points out, the possibility of increased with small amplitude is large, may be concerned about 18 points out. But will be more optimistic about the near 16 points, to 5, 6, 8 points out the trend is most obvious; span, the open cross out even more optimistic about the next 4, 5, 7 – as the focus. Reference number: 384, 984, 734, 853, 783, 983, 954, 794, 753. China [report] Dong Xu supermarket direct election lottery 100 100 on the 1 even pick up the end even at the same time, to open the decimal area, the expected short-term will pick up slightly odd number in the space, also optimistic about the large number area. Reference: 5, 7, 3. Ten of the 7 covering, 1 even reached 3 short-term maximum value, future 1-2 1 road pick off suggestions. Reference: 3, 6, 8. A decimal number even 3, the overall upward trend, while 0 for short-term heat, combined with the latter part of the judgment should be broken 0 Road, also optimistic about the trend of rising. Reference: 4, 5, 7: 365: 3 biliary bile elections penthouse: 3573568457. Selected group: 359相关的主题文章:

Set the debt based yield to win a year of bank financing over the past 1 years, up more than 11

Set the debt based yield to win a year of bank financing over the past 1 years, up more than 10% Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Guangzhou daily news (reporter Wu Qian) one hundred million of the day’s sales, recently, the regular open bond funds become the most popular varieties of fund issue market. Fund industry insiders said, was scheduled to open debt based nearly a year income is above 6%, the rate of return outperformed the one-year bank financial investors, if liquidity demand is not high, and hope to get higher than ordinary debt based income, can choose a set to open debt based long-term allocation. Debt based issue and then welcome the recent peak, the domestic bond market reproduction of a small climax. Since June, after the fast cattle, in mid August, 10 year bond yields fell below 2.7%, the lowest was once fell to 2.675%, a record low since January 9, 2009. This also led to soaring demand for bond configuration, bond fund layout ushered in the peak. According to Wind data, August bond issuance hit a record high, reaching 44. Entered in September, the issue of hot trend continues, as of September 14th, has been established and the fund is being issued, the proportion of bond funds accounted for nearly 40%. Among them, as a feature of the term and risk return characteristics are very clear varieties of funds, set the debt base has been sought after by low-risk investors, become explosive. According to the southern fund official website announcement, scheduled for September 30th to raise the end of the southern steady profit 1 year regular open Zhaiji in only two days after the opening of the subscription is the announcement raised ahead of the end, since September 15th will no longer accept purchase and conversion into applications. A joint venture fund company said that this year will open Zhaiji is indeed the best varieties of hair, "the company last month issued a one-year fixed open debt based, basically a day one hundred million of sales, in this market environment, it is very difficult to get." In fact, compared with the general bond funds, closed operation of the debt based open to maintain the performance of the leading edge. Haitong Securities August fund data show that the average yield of the bond fund was 0.68% month, the index based debt based on the issue of pure debt active open type of, the pure debt active closed type was 1.16%. Over the past 1 years, set the debt based rate of return of up to 78 in more than 6%, more than 10% of the total of only $11, far more than the average income level of nearly a year debt based. This year after the fuse, the demand for low-risk financial boom. Fixed debt is divided into one year, six months and 9 months of regular opening, in fact, to a certain extent, to bridge the short-term bank financing period, from this point of view is suitable for the market." Wells Fargo Fund chief strategist Ma Quansheng said. Reminder: 3 months to 7 years to achieve a significant differentiation period, the fund company to set the debt based on the closure of the period from the shortest period of 3 months to a maximum of 7 years. According to public information, the recent issue of Yongfeng Shun regularly open bond fund, is regularly open 3 months a pure debt fund. theory相关的主题文章:

Yongan pharmaceutical products in the United States in the United States is involved in the prosecut-bleep

Yongan pharmaceutical products taurine indicted in the United States patent issues Yongan pharmaceutical disclosed today, the company from the United States Puying LLP Shanghai representative office was informed that the company in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey for alleged patent infringement prosecution. The plaintiff claimed that the taurine products of Yongan pharmaceutical industry violated its "450 patent" and "patent of 451" in the United states. The plaintiff requests the court, constitute infringement, and request a permanent ban, all individuals, and the defendant or the defendant related entities involved, and the defendant against the defendant to the abuse of patent right and patent 450 "or" 451 patent ", and cut the amount of certain damage compensation, including the ability to fully compensate for the infringement by the defendant act of the damage compensation, pre judgment interest and litigation costs etc.. At present, Yongan has not yet received formal litigation document of the judiciary, but based on the principle of prudence, will actively prepare the respondent. Data show that taurine is widely used in foreign countries, such as functional beverages, infant formula, drugs, pet food and feed and other fields. As the world’s largest supplier of taurine and international, Yongan pharmaceutical market share of the global market as high as 50%. It is understood that the company taurine products 80% for export. Annual data show that in recent years, the main component of taurine in Yongan pharmaceutical occupy an increasingly important position. As a result, the company admitted that, if lost, may have an important impact on the company. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]        相关的主题文章: