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Postal Savings Bank of the former governor of sudden death in detention Mysteries: after the defendants involved in the case is still in the postal savings bank of the former governor Tao Liming death detention center: CO defendant the upheld source: surging news trainee reporter Hu Chuhui in September 14th, China postal savings bank (postal savings bank) in Hongkong for its initial public offering (IPO) launched a public offering plan to raise funds up to HK $63 billion. All this had its first president Tao Liming did not have any relationship. Tao Liming was involved in two cases in prison, and to death in June 2016 in Hebi city of Henan province detention center. Tao Liming was involved in the case is still in the second instance. The official report of Tao Liming’s death was due to a heart attack, followed by his family made an autopsy request. Informed sources told the surging news, said Tao Liming autopsy process has ended. After two weeks of detention died in Tao Liming, Tao Liming and other two defendants received the case upheld the final judgment. At the end of July, the four defendant Tao Liming and another related illegal financing case has been in the Henan provincial high court rejected the appeal and upheld the final. Tao Liming himself because of death, the case terminated trial. According to the criminal judgment of Hebi intermediate people’s Court of Henan province are given, on Tao Liming’s case can be divided into two parts: one is Tao Liming’s Li Chun Sun Lina in conjunction with Taihe two people, has eight times over the bonds of a case, a total amount of more than 420 million yuan; the two is Tao Liming Zhu Jun, together with Zhang Zhichun, Jia Yingao, Xu Koucai and by "new rural infrastructure construction project financing", illegal financing and accepting commissions. In this case when the Chinese party received more than 7800 yuan customer benefits, Tao Liming received a total of $2 million 300 thousand. With super bond funds of foreign investment, dividing the investment income in June 11, 2012, Chinese postal savings bank official website issued a notice, then confirm the postal savings bank president Tao liming on suspicion of personal economic problems, is to assist relevant departments to investigate. Half a year later, Tao Liming was formally arrested. Tao Liming really stand on the court, after the arrest of two years. According to news, October 29, 2014 to November 3rd, Hebi province Henan City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the postal savings bank of the former governor Tao Liming alleged bribery, embezzlement case. Among them, the postal savings bank former staff Li Chun Taihe Sun Lina on suspicion of embezzlement, corruption, together with Tao Liming on trial. The source of the case, the need to serve as director of the post office of the State Postal Bureau, Tao Liming, Secretary of the post. 2000, the postal savings agency issued bonds in the agency, the first issue of treasury bonds issued about 12500000 yuan. According to regulations, the size of the issuing bank bonds of the major banks are determined, if the super hair, beyond the fixed part of the principle should be returned to the subscribers. But at that time, the postal savings and exchange bureau due to institutional mechanisms, can only absorb deposits, unable to lend. When people advance payment requirements, plus interest pressure, postal savings bureau at the time and can not advance funds on相关的主题文章: