Price of 100 thousand within the range of 240 kilometers of this pure electric car worth considering lformat

The price of 100 thousand or less than the life of this pure electric car worth considering – the era of Sohu motor vehicles, like the beginning of the century, we call the era of the car came to the same as the 240. But the original superior price, short mileage, charging the cumbersome make plans to buy consumer think twice. Now, as the technology becomes more mature, these problems are smoothly done or easily solved. If there is such a pure electric car, the terminal price of less than 100 thousand, mileage of 240 kilometers, and has a variety of charging, would you mind? Unaware of the truth of the crowd: there is such a car?" The answer is: really, it is – JAC iev5! Last April, the fifth generation of pure electric cars in iEV5 at the Shanghai auto show officially listed, the official price of 179 thousand and 800 yuan, while enjoying state subsidies price only 89 thousand and 800 yuan, with the same basic level of traditional energy vehicles powered by A. But now the market is so pure car so much, iev5 breakthrough? A magic weapon: high value at Yan with a comfortable and! Although born out of Jianghuai traditional models, but redesigned front design, bold and assertive, hexagonal chrome grille as the ripples of water diffusion, fashion and novelty, high degree of recognition. The interior design, also the young line, the interior color with black and white, black and white color even seats are used to create the whole Larry, lively atmosphere. Circular air outlet and a gear shift lever base have joined the blue border, the color is a bit of science and technology. Magic two: long mileage, charging is also convenient! The maximum mileage of 240 kilometers, can be said to the city instead of completely free charge; in terms of convenience, the iEV5 provides fast charging, long charging, long range charge up to 6 kinds of charging mode, set can be remote control charging, full power, driving the heart. Magic three: positive research and development is not the same! Do not say do not know, but JAC iEV5 is the first positive development of pure electric cars, the new energy vehicles are now running on the street to the development of a hand can count. Positive development it seems simple, but actually doing it but to invest a lot of manpower and resources, do not believe you can recall the past few years, the major manufacturers of so-called new energy vehicles, which is not based on gasoline vehicles on the amendment to amend it to sell? Magic four: Tesla and I are relatives! Think about the above mentioned, three yuan lithium battery, the longest life of 240 kilometers, the maximum speed of 120 yards, the charging mode and so on, and so on 6. What does this show? Shows that its battery technology is not simple. Why so severe, because the use of iEV5 technology JAC from tesla. But not because of Jianghuai and Tesla cooperation, but because the iEV5’s battery is in charge of the project, technical director before Tesla battery project, there is such a big shot backing, like red hard! Magic five: now have the backing out of the mix behind, who has not a background? Just did not think of i!相关的主题文章: