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Private private south weekly: the amount of emergency, the third batch of tide – [VS] south sea fund channel recently, private "sea" significantly accelerate the pace, meet the third batch of tide; Shenzhen Tong boots landing, south of funds rose sharply again, but Hong Kong stocks through the amount of emergency, the fourth quarter only 33 billion 792 million yuan. [author] dynamic branch of China Merchants report serious decline in performance, Wang Yawei firmly held grimdeath [] agency point of investment, investment, maverick Zhanbo Shi Cheng investment, Bo Road investment overall optimistic; Shennong Investment: city bear market in the mid three new board is in the buying window; Wang Investment: short term trade credit debt [private] research, short interest rate disclosure in close, big surge in the number of research [private performance] Alfa strategy eye-catching performance, positive earnings accounted for up to 99.61% of the new board [dynamic] new listed companies only, a decline of 60%; market activity picked up, the total turnover of 100 million yuan heavy industry newsletter Ø 17 trillion the bank outsourcing funds "nowhere", by virtue of its private equity fund FOF in-depth understanding and scientific performance, asset allocation Steady advantages such as access to banks favor. Ø two new forces emerging in the private sector: "quantitative + new" strategy; quantitative T+0. Ø the share transfer system recently, deputy general manager Sui Qiang in Chinese three new board development forum, said that private equity fund will participate in the launch of three new board making during the year, in addition to meeting on the improvement of market access system between the new board, strengthen management, put forward four suggestions to promote the standardized development. Ø this year, private equity fund managers at least placards, involving listed companies. Overall, private sun placards are more aggressive style, including *ST and *ST T family of biological Yaxing company. VS, a sea south of the current domestic economic L trend highlights, domestic asset shortage continues in the background, the mainland private "sea" significantly accelerate the pace, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the boot floor, South funds also appear again rebounded sharply, many organizations also have south, optimistic about Hong Kong stocks underestimate the value of AH share premium discount opportunities. Recently, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the boot floor, then put out the market shares through the amount of emergency. According to financial statistics on the grid, as of August this year, Hong Kong stocks net inflow of about 148 billion 929 million yuan, Shanghai shares net inflow of about 91 billion 364 million yuan, the Hong Kong stocks through the remaining amount of 33 billion 792 million yuan. Shenzhen Tong boots landing of Hong Kong stocks through the net inflow of funds into the catalytic effect of self-evident. Lattice financial believes that private choice to go to sea or south, will face the coexistence of risks and opportunities in the living environment. Private investment environment at sea, or will become more broad, alternative investment targets are more abundant, but also faced the crisis such as the regulatory environment and the The climate does not suit one., cultural differences. In addition, Hong Kong stocks more standardized than A shares, the valuation structure is more effective, and rich varieties of investment, but Hong Kong stocks also have its own limitations, such as large fluctuations in stock prices, liquidity is not as good as A shares, some listed companies to increase.相关的主题文章: