Promote technology and the market, marriage, so that science and technology achievements in Ningbo,

To promote the technology and market of "marriage" of Ningbo science and technology achievements let fall flowering in the new network for the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Institute of materials exhibition hall Li Jia? Photo Beijing, October 30 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter Li Jia?) in the hazy night, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Institute of materials laboratory, scientific research personnel is the final debugging of the instrument. Because the material service and actively build technology transfer platform, soon, they are in the infancy in the scientific and technological achievements, there will appear the production line, Everfount into power for the innovation and development of enterprises. And this is just to open up a microcosm of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Ningbo channel. In recent years, based on the needs of the enterprises, and actively implement "docking capital" and "knowledge", "sleeping" to "wake up" the scientific research equipment, research results have come out laboratory, science and technology innovation activity to release. Recently, Ningbo approved the first batch of scientific and technological achievements into the transfer demonstration area. Since then, the "Ningbo National Science and technology achievements transformation demonstration zone" and "Chinese manufacturing 2025" pilot demonstration city "two wheel drive" forward, Ningbo is pushing new power conversion gate. "Capital, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, strengthen the supporting and leading technology, create an important starting point for economic development of the new engine." Ningbo science and Technology Secretary Huang Liqin said, the next step will be deployed around the industry chain innovation chain, innovation chain around the chain of resource allocation, enhance manufacturing capability of innovation and application, provide a strong scientific and technological support for the construction of Ningbo city. The results of scientific research and market "marriage" have to "go out" in the laboratory Chinese territory, Ningbo developed private economy, outstanding advantages in capital market and other aspects, but the disadvantage is the relative lack of resources of science and technology. Faced with the transformation and upgrading of labor, the overwhelming majority of SMEs eager for scientific and technological resources particularly urgent. But the road of marketization of scientific and technological achievements is not smooth". Due to the failure of scientific research projects to achieve market docking, there is a gap between the University and industry, the degree of marketization is not high, the scientific and technological achievements frozen phenomenon is not a case in the laboratory. One side is the research institutes in scientific research "lock in purdah", one is lack of core technology, how to make scientific and technological achievements cry piteously for food "landing more fun, docking more thoroughly, become an important topic in Ningbo in front of this innovative city. In order to make scientific and technological achievements "incubator" hotbed, in recent years, Ningbo has introduced the Ningbo Academy of Sciences Chinese materials, Ningbo international Gene Engineering Research Institute, Ningbo Materials Research Institute of intelligent manufacturing industry more than 50 Industrial Technology Research Institute, on this basis, build a test pilot workshop, record passenger platform etc. a number of platforms. These platforms are closely linked to the needs of innovation and development in Ningbo, to carry out major key technology research, the formation of a number of high-level scientific and technological achievements, laid the foundation for the transfer of high-quality results. "In order to eliminate the phenomenon of" island phenomenon "of scientific and technological innovation, we actively carry out the intermediate and large-scale scale-up test, in order to package the way for enterprises to transport the products available for the industrialization of major products and talent team, and will continue相关的主题文章: