Qatar will maintain the 2022 World Cup ban on drinking in public places-yvette yates

Qatar: will maintain the 2022 World Cup in public places should not drink ban Qatar CNR network news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that in Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, in addition to the hot weather, the fans are most concerned about is whether the time to watch a drink. However, foreign media reports, Qatar has plans to maintain a ban on drinking water in the streets and other public places, including stadiums, during the world cup. Qatar world cup organizing committee Hassan Savoy Dibben Zhou said: "drinking in the streets, squares and other public places will be banned, this is the final decision." FIFA Secretary General Fatima 10 meets with Qatari officials on. When asked about the matter after the meeting, Samura responded, said: we respect the customs and culture of qatar." However, she also said that the two sides have yet to discuss the issue of what kind of drinks will be sold in the stadium during the world cup, the final decision will take a long time to make. Reported that drinking alcoholic beverages in Qatar is not illegal, but in public places to drink alcohol and imported alcohol is prohibited. In addition, alcoholic beverages, in principle, only for non muslims to buy and drink. The authorities have also expressed concern about the relationship between alcohol and stadium violence. This summer, the European Cup, the British fans and Russian fans clashed in Marseille, France, which reinforces the idea of the Qatari authorities. Therefore, Savadi insisted that people can only drink away from the stadium. Football commentator Yan Qiang said that the influence of fans viewing experience or the second, if the prohibition really implemented in Qatar during the world cup, will have a major impact on the FIFA sponsors many alcoholic beverages. According to Al Jazeera reported that Qatar highest project committee secretary general Hosni slaughter Vardi said recently that the 2022 World Cup was held in Qatar, Qatar became the first World Cup in the Middle East Islamic Arabia. He said, "we compete in a fair way, and it turns out that the competition is transparent and pure." In addition, he also said he, the world cup will be held in the winter. How to avoid the outdoor temperature of forty or fifty degrees Celsius in the summer, but also before the outside world can focus on Qatar’s world cup. In this regard, Yan Qiang said: "Platini did not step down, gave some reform suggestions. He believes that the Qatar world cup should be played in the winter, this is in full compliance with the laws of football, but also in line with the local geographical and climatic conditions in qatar. It is hard to imagine the summer to host the world cup in Qatar is a terrible thing, the summer daytime temperatures in Qatar sometimes close to 50 degrees, dry and hot weather, even to the whole stadium are fitted with air conditioning, fans of the experience will be very bad."相关的主题文章: