QFII three quarter holdings of more than 27 shares are more keen on manufacturing running man 20130908

The three quarter of QFII holdings of 27 shares are more interested in manufacturing the investment adviser: Irving king contest peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the original title: QFII three quarter holdings of 27 shares are more interested in manufacturing – reporter Su Shiyu according flush statistics, as of October 30th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city 196 listed company three quarterly QFII appeared on the scene, the stock market value of 8 billion 328 million yuan (by the end of the third quarter closing calculation, the same below). The situation lasted from QFII holdings, the third quarter of 27 stocks by QFII holdings continued over the previous period, changes in the number of shares has more Huace, BOSCH department, should flow shares, Ding Han technology, Fucheng holdings of shares, respectively 279.47%, 197.97%, 177.02%, 84.12%, 82.97%. The number of shares were 30 million 849 thousand and 800 shares, 2 million 269 thousand and 300 shares, 4 million 606 thousand and 800 shares, 6 million 82 thousand and 800 shares, 9 million 642 thousand and 200 shares. Accounted for the proportion of outstanding shares were 2.68%, 3.27%, 1.92%, 1.63%, 2.54%. From the continued reduction of QFII situation, there are 14 stocks continued to be reduced by QFII. Respectively, Shuanghui development, capchem, Whirlpool, SAIC, China World Trade Center China, Yi Dixi, condenser technology, SUPOR, Shanghai airport, Yanggu Huatai, GREE electric, Ireland eye, diving medical, China built. Compared with the previous period, the reduction rates were 54.65%, 54.50%, 49.72%, 49.17%, 31.30%, 22.55%, 20.78%, 17.97%, 12.84%, 12.04%, 10.09%, 2.50%, 2.07%, 1.88%. According flush statistics, according to the SFC industry classification, comparison of the first five sectors favored QFII are manufacturing; transportation, storage and postal industry; wholesale and retail; construction industry; information transmission, software and information technology services. Experts said that from the industry point of view, QFII opening industry is mainly focused on the manufacturing performance valuation support, including special equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and the general equipment manufacturing, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry. In the varieties of heavily loaded QFII, bank, food and beverage, computer has become the largest temporary top three industries, from the three quarter report can be seen, the three industries holdings accounted for have improved significantly, QFII attention compared with the time changed obviously. Southwest Securities analyst told the "Securities Daily" reporters, for a long time, QFII love to underestimate the value of blue chip stocks valuations very much, usually in the following 30 times, in the current market volatility in the market, due to financial security, become the main target of natural blue chips. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: