Qinghai’s first million acres of Tibetan tea base for 3 years to allow local herdsmen’s income more norton disk doctor

Qinghai’s first million acres of Tibetan tea base for 3 years to allow local herdsmen to more than double – Beijing new network in Qinghai in September 23, banma (Sun Rui) "before 2013, the annual per capita income of farmers and herdsmen only more than 2000 yuan, since the beginning of the artificial cultivation of Tibetan snow tea, their annual per capita income increased to 5190 yuan." Yar banma County, Guoluo Prefecture of Qinghai province party secretary Tang Xiang Wenbo Gabao 22, told Beijing reporters. On the same day, by the Qinghai Province Network Information Office organized the "long road to well-off society" network media "go turn change" theme of the delegation line into yar banma County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tang Xiang Dong Cun nichigoh Tibetan snow tea base. Banma Tibetan snow tea produced in Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai province make banma River Valley region, growing at an altitude of 3200 meters to 3600 meters, is black tea, because of high content of tea polyphenols, can reduce the "three high" (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat), has anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, improve the comprehensive the role of immunity. According to the records of "history" in Golog, from the Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, culture banma areas, local herders commonly used beef and mutton, milk and tea etc. for daily necessities, and tea was popular, by race west road not only to Sichuan Province, Barkam, ABA, ZAMTANG area, and supply in Tibet. Guoluo Prefecture banma County propaganda department minister Magi introduced, unlike other parts of the species produced leaflets fully fermented tea, banma Tibetan tea fermentation process without directly by the local natural hot tea plants flowers and leaves of Begonia m.toringoides leaves processed into tea color, red, after the first bitter sweet entrance. This Gabao pointed to the Tibetan snow tea planting base told reporters, here is their nichigoh hole Township village more than and 200 acres of Tibetan snow tea planting base, this year has been cultivated for third years, two years before it can be picked up, according to the minimum output count, a tree can produce 0.1-0.2 kilograms of tea, a mu 5 pounds of tea, this year the purchase price is 100 yuan a pound, a year can pick three times, that is to say, it can give the villagers household income at least 2000 yuan. Banma County Forestry Bureau deputy director Chen Guojun told reporters: "in 2014, banma County in accordance with the" advantages of resources, competitive industries, the advantages of regional priority development "principle, established the development strategy of tea industry in Qinghai, and began to try to gauge for the first time in history modeling artificial cultivation of Tibetan snow tea in Makehe River basin. At present, the county Tibetan snow tea planting area has reached 15 thousand mu, the formation of Qinghai’s first mu tea base." "After two years of development, our Tibetan snow tea from the extensive to fine picking, rough machining, packaging sales later, tea processing then to now is to try, it has established a Tibetan snow tea picking, processing and sales as one of the mature system, but also solve a lot of employment for the post, banma county poverty alleviation work opened a new road. It is expected that by 2020, we will build 50 thousand acres of Tibetan snow tea planting base." Gamaji said. (end)相关的主题文章: