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Quiet elm Chuan, a romantic encounter in the morning – tourism Sohu Luan Heyuan national Forest Park is located in the West Bank of Luanhe River, more than and 30 kilometers from the county seat three ditch forest territory, is Asia’s rare natural elm trees, also called Mu Chuan elm. We live in Duolun County Hotel, Sichuan distance elm 30 kilometers away, to see the sunrise, we start from the hotel at 4:30 in the morning, drove to the elm Sichuan, although previously very early to get up and shoot the sunrise, but for Xilingol subzero temperatures, or requires great perseverance, made 4 o’clock and 4:30 the alarm clock, lest they can’t, or by the strong willpower to climb up. At first glance the elm Sichuan, deeply in love with the quiet morning, elm Sichuan really very quiet, you can hear the birds, gurgling sound, can even hear the voice of their hearts, in the concrete city life for a long time, so this yearning for a quiet life, do what you love, and I am now doing what you love. I used to be a IT male, college is a computer professional, after graduation to work in a medical software company, repeated every day as early as nine to five of working life, really can not stand, resigned as full-time travel from the media. See this beautiful elm Sichuan, brought back a lot of memories, flocks of wild geese flying in the sky, the fish in the water is free to swim, why can’t we do something you love? In the Xilin Gol prairie small trees, abundant water nourishes the dense forest, the forest is relatively flat terrain, hilly steppe transition zone. Quiet and beautiful elm trees stood in the trees because of dense water filling in, plus Shanghai altitude of over 1400 meters, forming a unique micro climate within the area of Sichuan elm. In the summer, even if the weather is hot, natural elm canopy in sunlight through the layers is connected with the sun, covered only with their beautiful crown shot, making the forest in cool and pleasant climate, in the shade of a perennial Gou Bo, the ice. The fall of the elm Sichuan has zero, when we arrived, saw the grass covered with a thin layer of snow. There is a history of elm Sichuan, legends, historical records, Emperor Yongle in the Yongle twenty-two years (1424 July) a yuan Aru (Yuan Dynasty cloth after the demise of the Mongols retreated to the Great Wall to the north of the establishment of the regime, known as the history of yuan), victorious Hui Zhao way of the sick. To find a beautiful scenery, climate and cool place to recuperate, selected among the three forest elm ditch Sichuan, because of the disease is difficult to treat and ultimately died in elm sichuan. In the summer of July season, Yongle’s body was preserved to the capital, the reason is to preserve the Ming emperor’s body was taken back to Sichuan elm in ice cooling shade Gou Bo, the coffin in front line, followed by a fast horse transport ice, ice Everfount it shipped, to ensure Yongle the bones rot transported to beijing. See the snow on the grass? The autumn Sichuan has rarely see the elm green plants, there are many old elm elm trees, mostly in more than 100 years, the day.相关的主题文章: