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Rajoy’s Spain ended nearly 300 days of "anarchy" – Beijing Chinese according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that 29 local time, Spain’s caretaker Prime Minister Rajoy, won the parliamentary "new government prime minister held the final round of voting trust, successful re-election. Spain finally ended nearly 300 days of anarchy. The Spanish parliament voted on Saturday to hand agent Mr Rajoy’s second vote of confidence, the speaker of the house of Commons announced on Spain’s 170 votes, 111 votes against, 68 abstentions, in the support and part of the Socialist Party members abstained situation, Mr Rajoy finally passed, will start the second term prime minister, formed a minority government, he is expected to come on Sunday or Monday took the oath of office Thursday announced the new cabinet list, ending 10 months of political deadlock. Although once again topped the throne of prime minister, but this time, Rajoy became the road around the Bush, the first of his party, people’s party in parliament, 350 seats only 137 seats. While the second socialists though righteous, in order to avoid social unrest and compromise the Spanish abstained, but stressed: abstain, does not mean that the party will support the continuation of the Rajoy administration. More importantly, Mr Rajoy took office since 2011, took a sharp tightening, although the economic recovery, but in the lower level of people’s life has repeatedly declined, just before the vote, thousands of people in the streets of Madrid demonstrations against Mr Rajoy’s government came to power again. In the eyes of the people of Spain, the Spanish veteran of two party cooperation, make the election into a farce, Mr Rajoy led the right-wing people’s party after the corruption scandal, they lost to the country’s management qualification, as the left socialists in the final moments of compromise is to live up to the people to vote for them trust. But more people in Spain for the country came to a political dilemma of democracy since the end of the longest happy, in their view, two consecutive general election has stalled in the country, the parties put aside their differences to reach an agreement, to avoid the third general election is the correct practice only, as soon as possible to establish the new government, Spain can continue to move forward in the further implementation of economic recovery and development of the road. It is interesting that, in the absence of the Prime Minister of this period, the Spanish economy has not declined to increase the interesting phenomenon. Eurostat latest data show that in the two quarter of 2016, the Spanish economy grew by 3.2%, an increase of 0.7% in the euro area, second only to Slovakia. Cui Hongjian, the European Institute of international research Chinese pointed out that a sound civil service system to ensure that no country can be the Prime Minister of Spain in normal operation. "This is actually my European countries after years of political practice, there’s a very interesting phenomenon, a political party came to power through the campaign, the Democratic side, through the transfer of political power performance of western style democratic election. On the other hand, because most European countries.相关的主题文章: