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The Rockets announced list of missing Moti training camp Coach: he will stay [] dunk Mo Tai dream send pass or abuse baskets of Warcraft domineering Tencent sports news September 24th according to the rocket’s official website reported that the Rockets announced the 18 training camp list today, donatas – Moti Jonas did not appear in the list, but Rockets coach Mike de Anthony hinted that Moti Jonas will stay with the team. Moti: will Jonas stay with the Rockets? The Rockets held the new season’s media day today, general manager Darryl Morley announced the training camp roster, the 18 players are (in brackets – back jersey number): Gary Payton II (0), Patrick Beverly (No. 2), Taylor (6), Ernest Bobby Brown (No. 8), Puri ghioni – pabo Luo (No. 9), Eric Gordon (No. 10), James harden (No. 13), Isiah Taylor (No. 17); forward: Trevor Ariza (No. 1), Ryan Anderson (No. 3), Monterey – Kazakhstan Lehr (No. 5), Sam Dekker (No. 7), Kell, che (No. 30) and KJ- Mike Daniels (No. 32), Cory Breuer (No. 33); C: Clint Capet (No. 15), Qinanu – aonuaku (No. 21), Nene Hilario (No. 42). It is worth mentioning that, due to delays in Moti and the Rockets reached an agreement on the renewal of the contract, and did not appear in the training camp in the list of. However, according to the Rockets bear forum owners revealed that in the media day DAntoni said such a sentence: once the issue of the contract, he is ready." Moti E Jonas is a restricted free agent, this summer after becoming a free agent, he has been talking about the contract with the Rockets, but the two sides have always talked about. Although the communication between the two sides continues, but the contract negotiations almost deadlocked. Moti E Jonas’s agent BJ- Armstrong said that since the Rockets offered a $4 million 400 thousand offer for Moti Jonas. The qualification became a restricted free agent, between the two sides will not contract negotiations, the Rockets have not made an offer for Moti. Jonas considered. Moti E Jonas performed well in the 2014-15 season, averaging 12 points and shooting at a rate of about 50.4%. But last season, he played only 37 games because of injury, in February this year, has also been traded to the pistons, but because of the clearance of the deal was canceled. After the media predicted Moti Jonas will take millions of dollars a year, this is the market price cap boom era, but Moti Jonas had hidden, so the Rockets could take the opportunity to keep the prices down. No matter why Moti E Jonas has not reached a contract with the Rockets, anyway, the team is the hope that he left. "It’s important to get Moti Jonas’s contract as soon as possible and then get him to train with us." Harden said. (Zhang Lei) copyright statement: This article is the Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: