Rong Jie gold bear efforts to slow down the oil bulls will force reshacker

Rong Jie: the golden bears efforts to slow down the oil bulls will also force the transaction this road is full of chance and necessity, every corner, can predict the scenery suddenly caught, we feel the market is in a certain impermanence, impermanence has some constant expectations, there are a lot of people with lifelong efforts to complete silence for the sake of others. No detours, we follow each step before finally arrived today, all accidental and inevitable, as long as you trust and trust help guide the analysis, always on the historical trajectory and the situation to explain. Stand now, I will know that their future should do what, as long as you don’t live up to the trust and the so-called perfect, you can step by step in the midst of impermanence to go better constancy. Unfortunately, in this era, we believe more and more things outside, more and more ignore the inherent law; we increasingly believe that after the recovery, more and more ignored the maintenance. Foresight has embarked on the road to profitability, the prophet of hindsight is moving in this direction, in hindsight need at top speed to keep up with the situation, the last is imperceptibly incurably. Gold yesterday, under pressure from the 13267 overall shakeouts operation, many days did not push the news out of the trading range, with the daily cross small Yinxian, a high pressure rail Brin, under the shadow of low in the daily trend of supporting position. The disk, gold since last Thursday, a high cross three row, this week 2 Yin fell Wednesday following small line, yesterday with a cross line closing, a few days go over the basic daily triangular interval, the trend of cross line fell short of supporting position, efforts to slow down, there are signs of a rebound. Today is Friday, September on the line ending, the daily closing a month or even line line size Yin Yang received the problem. And in accordance with the current trend of analysis, today’s gold backed by the trend of the day to support the probability of a big rebound, and once the resistance to break through the 13265 area, the rebound in the rhythm of the day will be basically determined. Hour line, line four hours, pulled the price after the puncture Wednesday low back above 1320, were also tend to rebound, this point is consistent and daily. The weekly and monthly level, obviously under the line on Tuesday fell sharply suppressed, possibility of closing Yang Zhou is not, there is enough but after today under the shadow of higher bounce will stay, to meet the September payrolls data; for on line, Rong Jie is expected to push up weekly after the shadow of a small candle to close. In accordance with the laws of the market trend, more important to get close to the market is ambiguous position, the current position is between 1330-32! Within days, the daily trend of relying on support go bullish rebound, at the same time above 13256 days of strong pressure, belonging to the pupil watershed, break up 13256 to 1330-32 and 134042; on the contrary, if continue to pressure, then will test the 1310-05 refresh lows down, but do not look good 1300 broken down, as long as 1300 to hold the medium-term bullish unchanged and the days of short-term operation, with 1325-6 as a watershed, breakthrough bullish, under the.相关的主题文章: