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VR said that the winter has come, Zhang Yimou’s venture capital company has received an investment – Sohu technology, said Yang Yuanqing, his first film is "Red Sorghum". # but Zhang Yimou is not a version of VR # joined this was established 8 years of company co-founder, Lenovo also don’t want to miss the smart internet. "Two", "new two"". After the two joint venture company director of the film industry, new industry leaders still and financing, but this is not a film company, but — VR. In November 15th, Zhang Yimou is co-founder of VR company "red monkey" held a press conference in Beijing, announced the SoReal Lenovo venture investment strategy "red monkey" and its sub brand, the two sides will also cooperate in the VR line format. In addition to Guoli Zhang, Sha Baoliang and other stars here, including the aviation trust, deep venture, overseas Chinese town, Wanda, and Lionsgate, Wanda, millet, Jiahe film industry division to join. At the press conference, the two sides did not disclose the amount of investment and the new valuation of the project. In the face of the PingWest play goods inquiries, Lenovo venture official said, not to publish relevant numbers, or both will be late in hardware, content and other aspects of cinema resources cooperation. In fact, this is not the first "popular monkey" appearance. Early in March this year, the company held a press conference, issued a "SoReal brand" and "product line VR experience Super Space", and with AVIC trust ("Jiaxing No. three wing investment partnership" in the name of "red monkey shares") established VR fund. At that time, Zhang Yimou was appointed artistic director and co-founder, IDG partners Xiong Xiaoge investment partners, the company’s nature, the conference also not the film music as CEO Zhang Zhao join. From the film director to VR partners, still large enough before stepping into the VR industry, "red monkey" has undergone several changes of business and shareholders. PingWest play goods by querying business information, "red monkey" was founded in February 2008, formerly known as "Beijing City brilliant style performance brokerage Co. Ltd.", "original scope of business performance and brokerage business management"; in November 2009 the legal representative of the change from Lin Ming long Qi Jianjun, Qi and smile also entered the list of shareholders at this time in August 2013; we changed to "Beijing red monkey international cultural development limited company"; May 2015 once again renamed "Beijing red monkey international cultural development group limited". At the same time, the "red monkey" or "virtual reality of Beijing Film Company Limited" (founded in August 2014), "Beijing Super Monkey Body Technology Co. Ltd." (founded in March 2016) and other four companies of the enterprise legal person or the shareholder. Zhang Yimou "co-founder and artistic director of" join "popular Qitian", has been late to December 2015. However, according to official information on the conference, "red monkey" founder together smile for the first time in collaboration with co-founder Zhang Yimou not. As early as 2008, Zhang Yimou directed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, Qi is the opening ceremony.相关的主题文章: