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Saisawei Tymoshenko masot pairs won the Grand Prix dance no suspense pairs top three sina sports news Beijing time on November 13th, the 2016 Grand Prix of figure skating in France over Paris station fourth. Germany Savi Schenker Massot won the pair skating champion, Russia’s Tarasova Morozov and French James sadavax also on the podium. Ice dance champion is no suspense, cizeron Paris Papa strong dagis score, the combination of Hubel Donohue and Canada Kyrgyzstan Armaflex Boyd Riel in two or three. Double free skate the short program mistakes but still ranked first in Germany Savi Schenker Massot free skating is also a lot of mistakes, but this race is not particularly strong opponents, so they still won the championship. Technically, the opening two of the three weeks of twirling again lifts with a perfect performance out of the executive branch. Unfortunately, the next scheduled in the triple jump problem, after the first jump in the ring for three weeks the man walking ice, affecting second jump after two weeks is JIANGZU, third jump also do only a week. After the original three points outside the ice after a single jump male partner also only for a week of two. Difficult to throw three weeks and a half short jump program can not be completed, the results of the free slip on the jump fell. After the last action of the program within three weeks after the end of the ring jump jump off the ice. Fortunately, other actions are basically completed, most of the action quality is good. The five group of Axel got out of the lift off execution, implementation of the three group lifted almost full, only level is reduced to three. Program content is divided into two items more than 9 points, the highest is the program got a score of 9.04. At the end of their free skate score 133.04 (technology minute 62.90, program content is divided into 71.14 points, fell 1), a total of 210.59 gold medals. Russia’s portfolio Tarasova Morozov also made mistakes. They are opening the first to complete a two round twist lifts, but very reluctantly, so execution was slight points. The next three weeks after the end of the single loop and the inner loop after the end of the week, there is no problem jumping three weeks. Unfortunately, the original triple jump errors, two people only do two week after week after week, detained a lot of execution. Fortunately, other actions are basically completed. Loop three weeks jump off relatively easy, lifts have also been four. The content of the program is divided into five of them are close to 8.5 points, the highest is the glide technology got a score of 8.61. Finally, their free skating score is 130.70 (technology is divided into 63.21, the program content is divided into 67.49), the total score of 206.94 silver. The French James sadavax free play is relatively good. Their biggest mistakes in challenging within node ring around the throw, suspected biped ice and companion ice turning. However, other actions are basically completed. The opening of the three week twist lifts of acceptable quality, but only one level. But after the three pick two pick two of the triple jump finish quality is the best. Three minutes after the end of the ring single hop is also very good. After the point of ice three weeks to throw a little dangerous, but basically no buckle相关的主题文章: