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Fried fried Apple Samsung after a iPhone 6 Plus exploded recently Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosive news constantly, and it seems that rival Apple also joined the "unwilling to remain out of the limelight, with vigour and vitality of the explosion. According to ABC30’s latest report shows that recently there is an apple iPhone 6 Plus in charge of the explosion occurred. It is reported that the explosion of the parties from the United States, California Fresno users Yvette Estrada, and now she’s this iPhone 6 Plus has been completely unusable. It is reported that the explosion occurred at local time this Thursday night to Friday morning, when the Yvette Estrada 6 Plus is charging the charger, while she is sleeping as usual. At about 3 in the morning, Yvette Estrada was suddenly awakened by a loud noise, and then smell the smell of plastic burning, and the charging of iPhone Plus has been a black smoke. This iPhone is Yvette Estrada Plus 6 in the three months before the purchase, and in the explosion occurred after second days, Yvette Estrada immediately contacted the Apple Corp and will send mobile phone explosion photos to customer service, at the same time she received apple to provide free replacement of the new machine should be back. Fortunately, Yvette Estrada was not injured in the explosion, but the explosion of iPhone 6 Plus damaged her nightstand, a pair of glasses and a Apple Watch charging base. It’s not the first time that iPhone 6 Plus has exploded in the last time. Earlier this week, an American college student named Darina sat on the bottom of the iPhone 6 Plus in the same class when the fire broke out on the side of the sun, and his jeans burned out a big hole in the Hlavaty. At present, the specific reasons for the two time is not clear, but there is a lack of energy of their own defects in the battery or line short circuit. Apple has begun to investigate two events, but there is still no final findings.相关的主题文章: