Samsung said in the United States received a total of 96 note overheating fire report in 7 googims

Samsung said in the United States has received a total of 96 cases of Note and 7 Tencent Francisco overheating fire report Thursday, Samsung Electronics announced a recall in the United States later to provide consumers with Note 7 to replace the mobile phone, Samsung also announced the recall of some statistical data, including in the United States has reported a total of 96 cases of overheating of the battery case. According to the U.S. technology news site TheVerge reported in the American market, Samsung needs a total recall of 1 million 900 thousand Note 7 mobile phone, 1 million of them were first sold to consumers, in addition to 900 thousand new mobile phone exchange later. Samsung Electronics announced that so far in the United States a total of 96 cases of Note mobile phone overheating problems occurred, of which the 23 occurred in the first release of Samsung’s recall order after the. Previously, Samsung in the United States to recall the confusion phenomenon, the company recalled unilaterally by the American mobile operators and retailers, not by the government under the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which led to many consumers do not understand the recall, continue to have combustion and fire. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission continues to investigate 6 cases of battery burning, including the replacement of Note 7 mobile phone new problems. Samsung announced that in all the fault report in the United States, there are 13 cases caused consumers to burn, 47 cases caused property damage (in the United States caused a number of fires, burned the garage property). It is reported that before the media reported that the number of battery burning and accidents more. Samsung Electronics said that some of the Note 7 battery combustion accident was investigated, some of which are not accurate description of the accident, or is not related to the recall of Note 7, so the number has decreased. A month ago, Samsung has announced a total of 92 cases of mobile phone overheating, and received a new report of 23. Up to now, there are still many dangerous Note 7 phones (including early sales and late replacement) is still unknown in the hands of consumers. By the end of September, Samsung Electronics has announced that it has recalled 60% of the Note mobile phone, however, when the mobile phone battery replacement did not occur in the burning accident of 7. Needs to be pointed out that the official announcement of Samsung Electronics, the use of mild "overheating" argument, but according to the media reported that a large number of mobile phone Note, 7 had smoking and burning or explosion, and even friends ridiculed as "bombing" incident. In order to avoid consumers continue to hold the risk of Note 7, Samsung announced on Thursday cash incentives. If the return to the mobile phone and other mobile phone replacement Samsung, providing $100 vouchers, if it is to replace other mobile phone company, will also provide $25 vouchers. (Comprehensive dawn) recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply to "Standford", for "Stanford University report: artificial intelligence and life" 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: