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Say you may not believe, I can see the air flying. Sohu technology visitors, welcome to visit my lab is the singularity of life more than the Archie experiment. As an excellent laboratory assistant, Archie every day in the probe (Zuo), (SI) on the road did not stop. It is not the weekend at home watching Archie movie, pick a new horror movie, the little scary. Disappointment。。。 This is probably the right person Archie upright, ghost zombie what Archie are not afraid. What do the experimenter because of the danger of nausea not seen, even the air Archie has seen. The estimated visitors expression is that the shener. The lower arch is really not boast X, do not believe the tourists see ah ~ ~ this is the air flow effects ah! If the clip is not so bad, only the member of this identity… Seem to expose what. Well, pull away. Actually, this is a very cool physics experiment, called the schlieren method". Schlieren display technology is a important flow, its working principle is the object to be measured in construction by the light source and optical element in parallel light, measured by the flow of light deflection reaction experiment object density gradient distribution. Simply put, it is the use of air flow to the perturbation of light waves, can not be seen by the naked eye changes in the air, into the image can be seen. A little bit more, this experiment can see the air flow… And this experiment is not difficult to operate, there is no danger. But air flow can not be directly observed by the naked eye, we must use other equipment. So first you need a camera. I’m an experimental line to prepare materials (concave mirror mirror SLR) schlieren system source, hair dryer, lighter blades popsicles, cola and other subjects is that any standard layout. But it just meets Archie down downstream off their curiosity is not high on the imaging requirements. So a little about Archie briefly, the tourists at home to more convenient will be placed in one side of the mirror. In order to test the effect is significant, Archie chose a big mirror, it’s not because Archie face… SLR and light source are arranged in parallel across the mirror, the knife blade is put in the middle of the SLR camera, the lens central hole in the blade. When the light source is aligned with the mirror, the mirror reflects the light to a focal point, and the edge of the blade is sharp, and a part of light is limited, thus forming a shadow effect. The overall layout of the camera with the record, the effect of the shadow was recorded down, you can see the flow of air! Before you come up with a variety of messy experimental objects to see the effect. Try a lighter ~ (to say how many times! Said the machine does not say! Civilization you me him! Lighters in front of the mirror, that we see with the naked eye is so commonplace without the g-spot. You look again at the note left in the SLR SLR ~ effect! Is not.相关的主题文章: