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See more nouveau riche Kim Iphone, Kim Han nouveau riche you seen? Sohu of Tahan car for more than three months, since the Han Dynasty, this time is very comfortable feeling, travel a lot of convenience, is always a large space of the credit for it. In my previous post also said that large space is the key factor of Han led me. Ha ha, while my wife and I have no children in the short term plan, these months drove to a lot of places and waves, enjoy the life of two, two people share a seven vehicles in space, it is cool too cool! Since there is not a man, feel every day wandering about the forum is not comfortable, also saw a lot of friends post refit. Indeed, the configuration is indeed one of its short board, compared to the current mainstream configuration feel a Diudiu can not keep up, but I can feel it more conservative character, the original is the best, to change the words and do not know when to be acquaintances, pit or line road chaos is in trouble, so I still insist on not modified without makeup, it is the most natural best ~ put before the film, Han makeup feeling is the most harmonious. However, there are still people to change it extremely exaggerated…… Tuhao gold iPhone you see more, tuhao gold Highlander you seen…… Recently saw a group of tuhao gold Highlander in the micro-blog pictures, the first feeling is bright blind, just my car is white, the picture of a specially contrast, do you think which look good? Po some of the map, you can see. The logo, grille, ABCD column, luggage rack, rear wheels, front and rear lights, labels, door handles, all across the gold. Why words after the bar Highlander tag does not engage in a way to do…… Open the door if the sun is larger, it may really flash blind radius of more than a dozen meters driver ah…… The brother is creative, regardless of how others look into this, but he dare to take a about three hundred thousand car changes like this, is enough to prove its emboldened enough, is full of personality must have in reality…… Anyway, give me the words, I do not dare to change. In fact, life is not for others to live, if the owners think this change is their love, their happy, that for him is a worthwhile modification ah ~ after all care about the opinions of others is very tired, a lot of people do not dare to think, so, change an angle to the other look, I really admire the brother ~ more than the appearance of gold, interior also plated with gold, really · Lanzhou first tuhao gold! We see the seat not full of noble fur, breath…… And the steering wheel, holding it in the car, feeling the whole world in my hands. Do not know if you can accept the modification, the degree of modification, some people in order to be more practical, some people want to look better, some people are more open to cool, always happy, aesthetic of this thing, it is pure Po Different people, different views., this feeling is really quite unique modification very personality, and to share. But you don’t say it.相关的主题文章: