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See skin care products near deadline? Change the law does not lead to waste of lead: women spend every month in addition to clothing bags may be a cosmetic big head! Always want to use new heart, home skin care products emerge in endlessly "purchased""! So, are those guys who see old to outdated expired? (source: OnlyLady women) see skin care products near deadline? It’s not a waste of women’s monthly spending, except clothes bags! Always want to use new heart, home skin care products emerge in endlessly "purchased""! So, are those guys who see old to outdated expired? The answer, of course, is negative. In this article, Xiaobian you quickly run out and reasonable limit the use of secret date products approaching! Let’s learn. Big change: Cream Cleansing Cream Cleansing Cream Cream Makeover: each dosage: 2-3 grams of cream contains large amounts of oil, oily cosmetics can melt, remove the general foundation completely be nothing difficult. However, it does not have emulsification function, can take some cream on the face massage, and then wipe with a cotton pad, and then washed with facial cleanser once. Dry skin doesn’t feel dry! Cleansing Cream Makeover: brush cleaning agent dosage: 5 grams each time with Cleansing Cream wash brush, not cheat you, Cleansing Cream can produce rich bubbles, the cleaning brush for puff class but an easy job to do, was a bit difficult. It doesn’t matter. First rub it with cleansing oil, and then wash your face to make sure that the cleanser is clean. Eye Makeover: Anti Wrinkle eye mask, eye cream, Anti Wrinkle Essence Mask Makeover: each dosage: 1 grams of cream do not look very small, run out is not a day for two days. Because of the moisturizing effect of eye cream is good, we can use it to do anti wrinkle cream, when you need to be painted in the mouth, decrees and other places, smooth lines, the effect is remarkable. If you don’t feel like it, put on your neck and don’t stop you. Of course, eye cream is so expensive, used to make eye mask is also the best choice. Toner Makeover: water mask every time dosage: 5ML toner is consumable, if your toner to use, paper film is the best choice. Paper film has strong water absorption, and make-up water mask is easier to absorb. On the makeup before the application, the skin soft and supple, can be more than a piece of mask to use more worry. The essence of change: moisturizing cream every dosage: 1-1.5 grams of cream are used up most of the follow-up also add a fresh, cream or lotion to strengthen moisturizing, but we can also increase the amount of such moisturizing essence, enough, do not reapply cream. Anti acne cream Makeover: oil control gel containing whitening ingredients: each dosage of salicylic acid, acid and the like most anti acne cream in 1 grams. These acidic components can also help to control oil secretion, and maintain smooth pores, if you do not finish the useful anti acne cream, use it to do oil control products, the effect of the same!

眼看护肤品近deadline?变身法走起不浪费   导语:女人每个月的花销除了衣服包包也许就属化妆品算大头了!抱着总想用新品的心,家里的护肤品层出不穷的“被购入”!那么眼看着旧到过期的那些家伙们过期吗?(来源:OnlyLady女人志) 眼看护肤品近deadline?变身法走起不浪费   女人每个月的花销除了衣服包包也许就属化妆品算大头了!抱着总想用新品的心,家里的护肤品层出不穷的“被购入”!那么眼看着旧到过期的那些家伙们过期吗?答案当然是否定的。   本篇,小编给你速速又合理用完临近限用日期产品的秘诀!   一起来学学吧。 面霜大变身:卸妆霜   面霜大变身:卸妆霜   每次用量:2-3克   面霜中含有大量的油脂,能融掉油性彩妆,卸除一般的粉底完全不在话下。不过它没有乳化功能,可以取一些面霜在脸上按摩后用化妆棉擦去,之后再用洗面奶清洗一次。干性皮肤也不会觉得干燥啦!   洗面奶大变身:刷具清洗剂   每次每次用量:5克   用洗面奶洗刷子,不是忽悠你,洗面奶可以搓出丰富的泡泡,清洗刷具轻而易举,但对于粉扑类的就有点吃力了。没关系,先用卸妆油揉一遍,再用洗面奶,保证洗的干干净净。 眼霜大变身:眼膜、抗皱精华   眼霜大变身:眼膜、抗皱精华   每次用量:1克   别看眼霜很小支,用完可不是一天两天的事儿。由于眼霜的滋润效果好,我们可以拿它做抗皱霜,有需要的时候涂在嘴周、法令纹等处,抚平细纹效果显著。如果你还嫌不过瘾,涂在脖子上做颈霜也没人拦你。当然,眼霜那么贵,拿来做眼膜也是不二之选。   爽肤水大变身:水面膜   每次用量:5ML   爽肤水本来是易耗品,如果你的爽肤水多到用不完,做纸膜是最好的选择。纸膜的吸水性强,而且化妆水面膜更易吸收。上妆前敷一敷,皮肤柔软水嫩,可比片状面膜用起来省心多了。   精华大变身:保湿凝霜   每次用量:1-1.5克   大部分精华用起来都很清爽,后续还要加个面霜或乳液加强保湿,但是,我们也可以加大精华的用量,这样保湿足够了,就不用再涂面霜啦。   祛痘精华大变身:控油啫喱   每次用量:1克   大部分祛痘精华中含有水杨酸、果酸之类的焕肤成分。这些酸性成分也可以帮助控制油脂分泌,同时保持毛孔通畅,如果你手边有用不完的祛痘精华,就用它来做控油产品吧,效果同样惊喜!相关的主题文章: