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See the nouveau riche top luxury car show in Chengdu luxury car inventory – car car Sohu Sohu [figure club]2016 Chengdu auto show was officially opened in September 2nd, once a year as large car feast, natural and ultimately at the Chengdu auto show car beauty, and this is what the price of luxury cars, landing in Chengdu, let Xiaobian lead common inventory. Lamborghini Huracan price: 299.00-429.09 yuan design Lamborghini Huracan has inherited the family style, sharp body lines, full of visual impact, the new design of the headlights look more fierce, the new Huracan car lamp wider, the lights in the two groups of "Y" type of daytime running lights is very beautiful. Lamborghini Aventador price: 648.80-801.15 yuan Lamborghini aventador LP700 also came to the Chengdu booth, matte blue body extremely cool, attracted many people onlookers. Rolls-Royce phantom extended edition price: 7 million 980 thousand yuan phantom can be described as moving out the luxurious palace, solemn, luxury enough to make all of it. The arrival of this car side with a special decorative lines, should be a custom models. The Bentley continental GT3-R price: 5 million 268 thousand yuan in the Bentley booth, we saw 300 Global Limited continental GT3-R, the flowing of aristocratic blood "racing" is definitely one of the highlights of the Bentley booth. Bentley added more price: 398-480 million yuan in the first Bentley SUV Tim more is not a surprise appearance in the booth, this is definitely the most tall on the models for the SUV industry, Bentley Tim is equipped with a 6.0L W12 twin turbo engine, the maximum power output of 608 HP (447kW), peak 6000rpm torque to 900 nm 1250-4500rpm. Martha Lahti, President of the new price: 1 million 460 thousand yuan from the new president of the Chengdu auto show officially listed on the market, priced at $1 million 460 thousand since the beginning of. Improved appearance and interior design, but also for the configuration of the upgrade. The car is equipped with 3.0T V6 twin turbo 3.8T, twin turbocharged V8 two turbocharged gasoline engine, the 3.0T V6 twin turbo engine for the adjustment, the maximum output power of 19Ps increased to 349Ps. In addition, it will also provide rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive version for consumer choice. George Barton price: 3 million 600 thousand yuan George Barton SUV is an American Super SUV, with the military armored vehicle general man, wherever they can firmly lock the eyes of passers-by, it also has the same with the legendary American four-star general George Barton’s name, and it has good endurance and off-road capability. Aston DB11 price: 325.90-32.相关的主题文章: