September 9th evening good news list of listed companies

The evening of September 9th listed a list of the good news of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say on the stocks contest points out 60 million Sina Financial News on September 9th news, the number of listed companies for the following evening announcement, news summary: roshow Technology: the proposed acquisition of 81 million 900 thousand yuan of new energy vehicles to improve Affirmative the field layout of roshow technology intends to equity invested 81 million 898 thousand and 600 yuan acquisition of Zhejiang Zhongke Affirmative Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 100% through its own funds payment. After the acquisition, the company’s business to expand the field of new energy vehicle CAN bus control system, improve the company’s strategic layout in the field of new energy vehicles. Bo Hui received notice of the Ministry of science and technology innovation: innovation project led by Bo Hui "the new atomic fluorescence spectrometry instrument development and industrialization projects, the Ministry of science and technology of high technology research and Development Center issued" on the national key scientific instruments and equipment R & D plan major projects 2016 annual project development focus project notice ". The company will lead the organization related units for atomic fluorescence technology upgrades to make a key breakthrough, promote the application of atomic fluorescence spectrometry instrument, engineering and industrial development. Jiuzhou Electric: the controlling shareholder of the fund industry Jiuzhou electric controlling shareholder Zhao Xiaohong, Li Yin and Shenzhen Qianhai investment and fund management limited liability company, investment and Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. intends to jointly set up within two years, the total size of 2 billion yuan a series of industrial investment fund, and the fund managers as investment partners jointly selected for. The new energy projects as capital investment to fund the Jiuzhou electric project has the right to purchase priority. Quantum Tech: signed a cooperation framework agreement with the 140 million elements of medical industry investment fund and Wuxi quantum hi tech Cci Capital Ltd, Shanghai, Le Qiao grams of enterprises management center, Jiangmen eight investment partnership, jointly initiated the establishment of quantum clever Le medical industry investment center (limited partnership). The investment in the medical industry investment fund is not more than 901 million yuan simulation of the total amount of the yuan, the company intends to own funds subscribed to invest $140 million as a limited partner after the bad grade funds. HUD ecological: municipal landscape project pre bid and electric power construction environment of strategic cooperation in the recent HUD ecological axis affiliated to Zunyi City People’s Park Road Xinpu town and municipal landscape project of the public bidding, the company has been listed as the first bid evaluation committee recommended candidates, pre bid price of about 400 million yuan. HUD ecological, China Power Construction Group Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd. with strategic partnership development stage, comprehensive, resource sharing, common development, achieve the cooperation framework agreement and signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement. New energy has held 25% shares: Lily network September 9, 2016, new energy through stock transfer system, completed the 48825000 equity settlement and industrial wealth, accounting for Lily network shares of 5%; the agreement in the normal performance. After the completion of the equity transfer, the company held a total of 24 Lily network相关的主题文章: