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Shandong to complete the delineation of ecological protection red than the "Prohibition of the development area" more mandatory public network September 29th hearing before the date, approved by the provincial government, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, 8 departments jointly issued the "Shandong Province Red ecological protection planning (2016-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the province became the nation’s fourth approved scheme of ecological red line delineated provinces. The ecological protection of the red line once designated, will implement strict protection, to ensure that does not change the nature, function conversion is not reduced, does not reduce the area of responsibility, do not deviate. Ecological protection of the red line, refers to the law in accordance with the key ecological function areas, ecological sensitive areas and vulnerable areas such as the delineation of the boundaries of strict management and control. "Planning" designated ecological protection red land area 533, belong to biodiversity maintenance, water conservation, soil conservation, windbreak and sand fixation of 4 functional types, a total area of 20847.9 square kilometers, accounting for 13.2% of the province’s land area. Mainly distributed in the Jiaodong Peninsula, Shandong Nanshan, the Yellow River Delta, Nansi Lake region. Ecological protection of the red line, the implementation of classified control. "Planning" proposed, I red line areas in addition to scientific research and protection activities necessary, strictly control the development and construction of the red zone; class II Implementation of negative list management system, no damage leading ecosystem service function development and construction projects. The red line delineated, not simply the "main technology prohibited development area" superimposed planning and drafting of the responsible person, the provincial Environmental Planning Institute standard policy director Shi Huijian introduction, provincial nature reserves, scenic area, wetland park, Forest Park, geological park area and water conservation and urban centralized drinking water source protection areas in one or two protected areas are included in the ecological protection of the red line. In addition, also useful in evaluating mathematical model and field reconnaissance out extremely important, extremely sensitive area. Compared to prohibit the development of regional ecological protection red line more mandatory. In the past, nature reserves, scenic spots, although there are regulations, and ecological protection red line is based on environmental protection law. "This time, even through the model assessment area was incorporated into the ecological red line, not approved by the provincial government, municipal government has no right to change." Shi Huijian said. In the delineation of ecological red line, technical experts and the city and county governments have been controversial on the use of space. "Controversial, we try to protect it. Protection is a double-edged sword. Can not be too large, can not be zoned out, to achieve the coordinated development of economic development and ecological protection." Shi Huijian believes that, after the policy in place, the scope of ecological protection red line will be further expanded." Currently, the province is stepping up policy formulation. In accordance with the division of responsibilities outlined in the plan, the province’s major policy package, including ecological compensation methods, environmental access negative list, performance appraisal methods, etc.. Among them, the ecological protection red line ecological compensation approach will be completed in December 2016, the two will be completed in December 2017. Interpretation of the terms: ecological protection red line ecological protection of the red line is the essence of the ecological environment of the bottom line, the purpose is to相关的主题文章: