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Shanxi foreign aid Guo Ailun face the referee: Iron elbow foul [Shanxi] playback vs Liaoning second playback Festival evening of November 16th, CBA League seventh round Shanxi team and the Liaoning men’s basketball game scene reproduction dispute. When the two teams in the second quarter of 3 minutes and 41 seconds left in the game, Hodson threw three points not on the outside, the Shanxi team Dalembert grabbed defensive rebounds. When most of the players began to run towards the Liaoning team, Guo Ailun started to play against Dalembert. Dalembert grabbed the rebound after a turn of the elbow naturally or half unconsciously hit Guo Ailun in the face. The center of the front of the elbow on the spot Guo Ailun knocked to the ground, his hands covered his face fell to the ground. But the referee did not give the Shanxi team after the deliberations of the technical team and any penalty, Guo Ailun also said it can not understand. But he simply did not matter, and soon put back into the game. Game review: November 16th, 2016-17 CBA regular season in the seventh round contest today in full swing, Liaoning on the road after the three overtime, with a 157-152 win over Shanxi three wins, Guo Ailun 43 points and a career high, Franklin scored two consecutive 60+. Shanxi: Jamal – Franklin 60 points and 21 assists and 13 rebounds, Yan Pengfei 20 points and 11 rebounds, Lingxu had 25 points and 8 rebounds, 20 points in the original handsome. Liaoning: Leicester – Hodson 53 points and 11 rebounds, 11 points and 13 rebounds, shavlik Randolph, Guo Ailun 41 points and 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals, Han Dejun 26 points and 19 rebounds, 11 points tomorrow morning plexus. The first section of the game, Shanxi Xianshengduoren, by Franklin firmly hit two points, then the original handsome face old club also hit three points, without mercy, gave Liaoning a 7-2. But Liaoning also outside feel hot, Cong tomorrow morning hit two consecutive record three points, helping the team to catch up. However, Franklin is good, quickly responded with three points, in the face of Liaoning three double beat 2+1, defensive end cap Hodson also helped Shanxi, leading Liaoning 26-19. The second half of Shanxi replaced Franklin, replaced by Potter, causing the team to attack a number of stagnation, continuous errors by the Liaoning team chase points, the first section of the end of the leading 26-24. The festival continues, Shanxi team passes, Yang Mingmiao Randolph helped Liaoning to tie the score, but Franklin and Ceng Lingxu did not reduce, hit consecutive three points, ahead of Shanxi 34-31. The two teams playing gongzhan, Franklin two times break his teammates, but in the morning bush outside the voting process also scored 5 points, helping Liaoning to overtake 39-40. But how can Franklin hot to see the team behind the blocked Hodson, CIC again helped Shanxi overtake. Two of you come to me, Franklin assists Potter three points hit, Guo Ailun also three points back, two teams from the 43 plane hit the 50 level. The last two minutes, the original handsome again 3 points to beat Liaoning to stop, but the suspension back, Hodson after three minutes for the body in the last half of three, Zhao is Jiwei not 56-55 at the end of the first half, Franklin 26 points and 10 assists, has got two pairs. Easy side battles, the fierce competition, Hodson and Zhao Jiwei break to help Liao.相关的主题文章: