Sichuan idea promotes in the whole country; technology business incubator can exempt a lot of

Sichuan "ideas" in the promotion of China   science and technology business incubator can be exempted from a number of tax – Sichuan channel — original title: Sichuan "ideas" from a number of tax day in the country to promote science and technology business incubator, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a notice, clearly to the public record space from the science and technology business incubator including a number of tax property tax, urban land use tax, value-added tax. This policy is an important part of our province to promote the overall innovation and reform of experimental research, explore fiscal and taxation policy, the state authorized the province to carry out the pilot. Our province has actively carried out research and exploration work on formulating plans, simulating operation, analysis and calculation, etc.. On this basis, the state decided to directly promote the implementation of synchronization throughout the country. The incubator will enjoy three preferential tax: from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018, to meet the conditions of the incubator and use free or available to enterprise use real estate, land by lease, exemption from property tax and urban land use tax; from January 1, 2016 to April 30, 2016, the rental business incubator to land and houses and provide income incubation services, exempted from business tax; during the tax levying VAT reform, the rental to the incubator site, housing and income to provide incubation services, shall be exempt from vat. "The value added tax, business tax and other tax and property tax, urban land use tax is the main tax of business incubator are involved, the choice of tax policy to give tax incentives, accurate positioning, can effectively reduce the tax burden of the incubator, enlarge the input output than preferential policies." Provincial finance department relevant responsible person said, in advance of our province fully prepared, has been put into place in the first time policy. Southwestern University of Finance and Economics School of Finance responsible person believes that the policy has a double meaning, on the one hand from the authorized Province pilot directly into synchronous spread across the country, marking the Sichuan comprehensive reform pilot innovation in fiscal support policies to actively explore and fit the urgent need to solve our current problems in the development, reflects the state of the high degree of recognition our province related work; on the other hand, the incubator is to "create enterprise", is the key factor of innovation and entrepreneurship, to meet the conditions of the incubator duty-free, reflect the leveraging effect of fiscal policy. (reporter Chen Yan) original title: Sichuan "ideas" from a number of tax in the country to promote science and technology business incubator (Gao Hongxia Hanling, commissioning editor: yuan) 四川“点子”在全国推广 科技企业孵化器可免除多项税收–四川频道–人民网 原标题:四川“点子”在全国推广 科技企业孵化器可免除多项税收   日前,财政部、国家税务总局发布通知,明确对众创空间等科技企业孵化器免征包括房产税、城镇土地使用税、增值税在内的多项税收。该项政策是我省系统推进全面创新改革试验研究探索财税政策的重要组成部分,由国家授权我省开展先行先试。我省积极开展了制订方案、模拟运行、分析测算等研究探索工作。在此基础上,国家决定直接推广,在全国范围同步实施。   孵化器将享受三项税收优惠:自2016年1月1日至2018年12月31日,对符合条件的孵化器自用以及无偿或通过出租等方式提供给孵化企业使用的房产、土地,免征房产税和城镇土地使用税;自2016年1月1日至2016年4月30日,对其向孵化企业出租场地、房屋以及提供孵化服务的收入,免征营业税;在营业税改征增值税试点期间,对其向孵化企业出租场地、房屋以及提供孵化服务的收入,免征增值税。“增值税、营业税等流转税和房产税、城镇土地使用税是孵化器企业涉及的主要税种,选择上述税种给予税收优惠,政策定位精准,能够切实降低孵化器税收负担,放大政策优惠的投入产出比。”省财政厅相关负责人表示,我省提前做好了充分准备,已在第一时间将政策落实到位。   西南财经大学财税学院相关负责人认为,该政策出台有双重意义,一方面从授权我省先行先试直接变为同步推广到全国,标志着四川在全面创新改革试验财税支持政策上积极探索,契合了我国当下发展迫切需要解决的问题,体现了国家对我省相关工作的高度认可;另一方面孵化器是“创造企业的企业”,是创新创业的重点要素,给符合条件的孵化器免税,体现出财税政策的撬动效应。(记者 陈岩)   原标题:四川“点子”在全国推广 科技企业孵化器可免除多项税收 (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: