Six years of grinding sword, Zhi Da Strategy Conference – Science and technology first science and t

Six years of grinding sword, Zhi Da Strategy Conference – Science and technology science and technology Sohu first scoop news November 17th: in November 16, 2016, Shanghai Zhi Da Technology Development Co. Ltd. in Yangpu District Shanghai City Government Road No. 477 CIDI Innovation Center held the "Sino US experience the green travel industry innovation cooperation initiative and Zhi Da science and Technology Strategy Conference 2017". The United States President of California delegation members, the CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Zheng Huiqiang, Shanghai modern service industry association president Zhou Yupeng (the former Shanghai Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Shanghai city), new energy vehicles promotion office director Liu Jianhua, Yangpu district government party members Xu Jianhua and Tongji University, national grid, global car sharing, SAIC Anyue, Oriental Pearl, Beiqi, Geely, Teng potential, love driving net green wisdom travel industry chain enterprises leaders and experts, including banks, investment fund industry guests, this grand event to innovation. Shanghai Zhi Da Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2010, is a company with China new energy automotive industry technology startups grow and grow together, gathered a group of entrepreneurial dream carries well-known car prices and IT’s elite talent. Corporate headquarters is located in Shanghai Yangpu, and set up a branch in the United States and North Silicon Valley, wide, Anhui and other places. Zhi Da Technology to "charge — to promote green travel" strategic goals for the mission, to internationalization, intelligent, interconnection, sharing of product oriented, investment to build an annual output of 200 thousand Taiwan charging pile equipment factory, the largest private charging service and sharing platform — "pile at home", at the same time provide customized private charging products and services for the new energy vehicles, Tesla, BMW, BAIC, SAIC nearly 30 brands such as car prices, has helped the country more than 50 thousand users pioneered the use of new energy vehicles. The beginning of the meeting, Zhi Da Science and technology general manager Huang Zhiming welcome speech and Shanghai Zhi 2017 strategic planning introduced Dr., describes the Zhi Da Technology to private charging the main business, related fields also extends to share travel, also said Zhi technology will work together more enterprises to build a shared mode, from the shared charging pile. The extension to share and car parking spaces. This conference, Zhi technology marketing director Zhu Chengyuan Zhi Da three generation pile is introduced: 2017 Zhi Da will launch a new intelligent charging products — the "Rye", in addition to more fashionable appearance and technology, increased parking lock monitoring, Bluetooth and other new features, new intelligent charging experience for customers. A number of innovative patented product development then deputy chief Luo Tao for the core technology of charging pile introduced Zhi Da Science and technology, as well as the concept of modular design, also announced that the future will work with partners to develop wireless charging, automatic charging, three-phase charging technology strategy. Zhi Da Science and Technology Service Vice President Wang Weizu then "pile home platform status is introduced, and released a series of stunning data," pile home "in the private field has accumulated a large number of charging the actual customers, and provide the perfect charging scheme for these customers to install and use. After the conference, Zhi Da technology work together to timeshare rental partner EVCAR]相关的主题文章: