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"Star Partner" Ahn Sohee turned the human touch of the big star – Sohu entertainment Sohu, South Korea, China and South Korea Entertainment News in the "Star Partner" turned into a very attractive actress. In 4, will launch the tvN file in the drama "entourage", Ahn Sohee played a high-profile popular actress’ Ahn Sohee ‘in a corner, is an appearance of seemingly high cold, but the full human figures. In the play, Ahn Sohee is the first love of Che Yongbin (played by the actress), will be distributed to seize the everlasting charm of the audience and the charm of the audience of the charm of. Ahn Sohee will be through the show, breaking through the past pure little girl image, show gorgeous and pleasant charm, and presents a more mature actor face, look forward to. Also, because Ahn Sohee has been a trend guide for various preview type, airport, works, every fashion style will become a hot topic, so the actress play emotional fashion style will also become the focus of audience attention. Ahn Sohee owned brokerage firm keyeast official said: "" entourage "in Ahn Sohee in order to show the full human charm of the actress, in addition to other parts, each still on standby time, careful monitoring, the role of the effort." Say "please a lot of support and look forward to the new face of" another Ahn Sohee Ahn Sohee debut in the play to show the movie "some like it hot" in 2007. In the year of the TV series "Heart to Heart", as a volunteer students’ high Shiluo actor ‘, gives a lovely charm, was popular with the audience. Then in the summer in the tens of millions of movie "Busan line", and the 4 day launch of the "entourage", in addition to Kong Hyo Jin and Li Bingxian, appeared in the movie "singlerider" is also about to release. Ahn Sohee after 2016, in 2017 will continue to conquer the film – television, and actively carry out active performing arts. In addition, Zhao Zhenxiong, Xu Kangjun, Lee Guangzhu, Pu Zhengmin, Li Donghui, Ahn Sohee, Jin Huiren starred in the tvN file in the drama "entourage" will be from 4 to 11 at night launch.   相关的主题文章: