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Stop the child, the mother’s nightmare! In fact, can be prevented…… Sohu maternal and child recently, in the public platform repeatedly met pregnant mother’s message: I stopped the tire, and hope? Fetal heartbeat is gone, how should I do? Stop pregnancy is the nightmare of pregnant mother, perhaps, there is the mother of the mother of the fetus can’t understand, why I will stop it? What is the reason? Talk to you today! A: stop the cause of 1 of luteal insufficiency: support for embryonic development of progesterone in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, from the mother’s ovary, after 8 weeks from the placenta. If the mother of ovarian function is not good, after pregnancy, the body can not secrete enough progesterone to maintain the development of the embryo, it may lead to fetal problems. Therefore, for irregular menstruation, poor luteal function is not the mother, it is best conditioning the body, improve the endocrine disorders and then ready for pregnancy. For the lack of luteal function caused by fetal stop expectant mothers, pregnant again as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor to supplement progesterone, in order to maintain normal hormone levels. 2 abnormal thyroid function: if there is a mother hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, may cause the embryo, abortion or fetal malformation. Because a lot of people with thyroid abnormalities and no obvious symptoms, suggest that expectant mothers in the pre pregnancy check, the best for the relevant inspection, to be excluded. 3 abnormal uterus: congenital or acquired abnormalities of the uterus, there are many types, such as uterine diaphragm, uterine fibroids, endometrial abnormalities, intrauterine adhesions, etc., there is a risk of fetal birth. Fortunately, a large part of the abnormal uterine problems, can be found by ultrasound and other gynecological examination in a timely manner, before pregnancy treatment and improvement. 4 age: with the growth of prospective mothers, resulting in the risk of fetal growth will gradually increase. The latest data show that the prospective mother in the age of 20~30 years old, the risk of fetal development is only 9%~17%; if the age of 35, the proportion rose to 20%; the proportion of the age of up to 40%; to the age of 45, the proportion of up to 80%. 5 had a history of spontaneous abortion: an increased risk of fetal arrest. Therefore, in the event of spontaneous abortion, we must find out the reasons, active treatment, so as not to affect the second pregnancy. 6 smoking, drinking: may cause embryo to stop or teratogenic. Therefore, the whole pregnancy, expectant mothers should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 7 drug abuse: mothers in early pregnancy if taking aspirin and Bloven antipyretic analgesics, have lead to stop child education risk. Therefore, if the plan is pregnant mothers, should be understood in the early stages of pregnancy appear sleepiness, headache, fever and other flu like symptoms even, may be pregnancy reaction, medication must be cautious. 8 folic acid levels: if the mother is too low concentration of folic acid, will increase the risk of 6~12 weeks fetal withdrawal. Therefore, suggestions for pregnant mothers not from 3 months before pregnancy to replenish the small dose of folic acid. 9 sperm abnormalities: the study found that the father’s sperm abnormalities, may lead to the emergence of the bubble egg, that is, the sac has grown to a large, but not相关的主题文章: